Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dresden TN Rainbow Girls undated picture

This is an undated picture and interestingly enough there are no Moran's in it so I'm not sure what the connection is to the Moran family other than they probably knew most everyone featured.

Front row:
Mrs. Gaynell Taylor, Polly Beth Crawford, Wanda Teague, Madelyn Bradberry, Betsye Herron Wright, Jackie Hutcherson, Sandra Melton, Freda Sue King, Sara Ellen Vaughan, Lillie Ruth Simmons.

Back Row: Left to right)
Beverly Chandler, Beverly Maxey, Ann Hutcherson Blackburn, Brenda Babyak, Charlene Steele, Betty Lou Winstead, Dianne Grinder, Carolyn Johnson, Clarice Vaughan, claudia Jean Jeter, Freddie Dunlap, Gail Parks, Penny Ray, Nancy Dunn, Wilda Eddlemon, Marthena Chadwick, Judy Sadler.

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