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1923 New Organ for the First Methodist Church of Dresden

In 1923 the First Methodist Church of Dresden Tennessee was under the pastorate of Rev. S.L. JEWELL. The treasurer of the church was Charles Harrell MORAN which is probably why this information came to be in the records of the Moran family.  In April of 1923, the church purchased an organ from the Methodist Episcopal Church, South Side Station in Memphis Tennessee.  The following are the bill of sale and a letter in regards to that transaction.


Know all men by these presents;
That whereas the Board of Trustees of the ME. Church South, South Side Station at a special meeting called for that purpose , has authorized the sale of a certain pipe organ belonging to said Church as more fully appears upon the minutes of the said special meeting of said Board for April 15th, 1923;

Now therefore pursuant to the instructions of said Board of Trustees and in consideration of the sum of ($1200.00) twelve hundred dollars, cash in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged I, J.W. Morgan, Chairman of said Board of Trustees, do in behalf of said Board and of each and every member thereof, hereby sell, transfer, convey and deliver to the Board of the Trustees of the M.E. Church South, Dresden Station, the following described goods and chattels;-

One pipe organ of the Mochler Organ Company Type and now located on Mississippi Avenue in the City of Memphis, Tennessee.

To have and to hold the said goods and chattel forever to itself, its assigns and successors in office.

We covenant with the said grantees that there are no incumbrances on the same; that we have good right to sell the same as aforesaid and that we will awarant and defend the title thereto against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever forever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 17th day of April, 1923.

J.W. Morgan

I, C.S. Partridge, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the M.E. Church South, South Side Station, do certify that J.W. Morgan is chairman of the said Board of Trustees, that the above is his signature and that the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees for April 15th, 1923 contain the necessary authority for his act in disposing of the said property herein conveyed.

C.S. Partridge, Secty

Letter to Rev. S.L. Jewell

Memphis, Tenn,
Apr 18, 1923

Rev. S.L. Jewell-
Dresden, Tenn.

Dear Bro. Jewell,

Inclosed find bill of sale for organ, which was drawn by our lay leader, a young lawyer of our congregation.  We will increase insurance to $2000, as per your request and write you when it is done.

Am hoping all will come out well, Mr. Lilley is to write you about the current, the motor etc.

I think you would do well to have someone who could look after the care of it while in storage there specially instructed by whoever packs it here.  Mr. Lilley charges $20.00 but furnishes his own help. As he is the Mohler agent here, I think he would take special pains to pack and ship in good order,

Yours Always,
J.J. Thomas

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