Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brud and the McElwrath's about 1913

I'm dating this picture about 1913 or so based on the information I have regarding the McElwrath family.  On the back of the photograph Brud has written the names of the people in the picture:

Nell McKruger - I may be a bit off on the spelling of the last name but that's what it looks like.  I wish I had more information on her but that's all I know.

Harrell Moran (Known as Brud)  He's the one wearing the bowtie.

Linda McElwrath - She's the girl with the blond curls and was born in 1901. Her parents were Tom and Mollie McElwrath.

T.A. McElwrath - That's Thomas Allen McElwrath.  He was born about 1858 in Tennessee and owned a dry goods store in Dresden, Tennessee.  He retired from the business about 1906 and stayed in Dresden with his family for a few more years before moving to Mayfield, Kentucky.

M.B. McElwrath - She was Mollie Brooks and was Tom McElwrath's second wife.  They had three children: Linda, George and Brooks.

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