Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mathew Brady's Chair, ca 1860's

Unknown Moran relative
Photo by Mathew Brady
Washington DC
I came across a photograph taken by Mathew Brady of an unknown Moran relative.  We think he is probably a Gunn, Morehead or Turner.  The photograph was taken at Brady's Washington DC studio located at no. 352 Pennsylvania Ave.

Back of the photo
showing Brady's
I was intrigued by the ornate chair and clock and wondered if they appeared in other Brady photographs. They did.  Quite a few times actually by many unknown people as well as the famous.

I created a collage featuring Clara Barton with Brady's Clock and the following cast of characters with Brady's wonderful chair.  You might recognize a few of the names: Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Turner, William T. Sherman, Andrew Johnson and Adelbert Ames.

We may never know who the ancestor is but one thing is certain, he was seated in good company.

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