Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1908 Soda Fountain Postcard from Fred, Fulton MO

We have no idea who Fred was but he took a great picture.  The postcard is dated Aug. 25, 1908 and postmarked Fulton Missouri.  It was sent to Jim Moran of Dresden.

"Am working the Kodak one time.  This is where I dish slop. Fred"

This is a fascinating moment in time and I decided to dissect the picture and post closeups from the Hire's root beer barrel to the bottles flavoring.

Signs for a Frozen Phosphate 10 cents, Pineapple Rum, and a variety of spigots.

Close up of a barstool.

And a neatly stacked group of mugs.

I don't know if they called them "soda jerks" in 1908 but he looks over dressed and that white suit looks like a great target for stains.

Delightful flavorings to suit every taste.

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