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From Obion County TN to James Bond: The Files and Chiles Wedding Invitation 1907

The Moran's were invited to a good many weddings in their day but I believe this is the first time I've ever seen the wording "will give in marriage their daughter".  The standard fare seems to be "you are invited to attend the wedding/marriage" of bride X to groom Z.

Mr. and Mrs. and Francis Marion Files
will give in marriage their daughter
Mr. Harsh Edmonds Chiles
Wednesday evening the fifth of June
one thousand nine hundred and seven
at eight thirty o'clock
Presbyterian Church 
Itasca, Texas
You are invited to be present
                 At Home
              after July first
              Itasca, Texas

And what an interesting name combination as well.  Files and Chiles.  Mrs. Jewell Files Chiles.  :) I wasn't able to find much about the Files family.  Jewell was born March 23, 1880 in Files Valley Texas, the daughter of Jane Simpson and Francis "Frank" Marion Files. Frank was originally from Oglethorpe Georgia

And who was Harsh Edmonds Chiles?  He was the son of Henry Clay Chiles and Isabella "Belle" Edmonds, the widow of Jefferson Parr.  Harsh was born July 27 1879 in Obion County Tennessee and would've been a contemporary of J.W. Moran's children Fannie, Harrell, James, Ida and Marion.  His sister, Minnie, married John P. McElwrath of Kentucky.  Which makes me wonder if that McElwrath is related to this McElwrath who was born in Tennessee but when he retired from his Dry Goods store in Dresden he moved to Kentucky.   Harsh and Jewell are residing in Itasca Texas at the time of the 1920 Census and have three children: Harrell Edmonds "Eddie", Marion Clay and Jane.  I wonder....could their son Harrell be a nod to Charles Harrell Moran? And what a surprise!  Harsh was the president of a bank.  Harrell Moran was the head cashier and Jim Moran the President of the Dresden Bank.  It seems that so many Moran friends were in the banking industry!  By 1930 Harsh and Jewell had another daughter, Charlotte.

Their son, Harrell "Eddie" Chiles attended Wentworth Military Academy and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering.  founded the Western Company of North American and was at one time an owner of the Texas Rangers Baseball Team from 1980 until 1989 when he sold the Rangers to a group of investors that included a well known name, George W. Bush.  He was also an Oil tycoon

And fame touched the family even more in the grand daughter of Harsh and Jewell Chiles, Lois Chiles.  She is the daughter of Barbara Wayne Kirkland and Marion Clay Chiles, who operated an offshore drilling company run by brother Eddie.  Lois starred opposite Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand in The Way We Were and appeared in the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby as Jordan Baker and she was also a Bond girl appearing as Dr. Holly Goodhead opposite Roger Moore in the 1979 Bond movie, Moonraker.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, how cool is that?? Research rocks!

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