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Rome Martin and His Family

The year before his father died, Kent put his life and studies at UT Martin on hold to spend as much time as possible with his dad. Definitely time well spent! They would shoot the breeze and talk about whatever took their fancy and they probably drank a beer, or two.  But one of the things they did together was  go through some of the photographs and identify the people in them.  

Center: Rome Martin
Taken in front of Moran Place ca 1920
Which brings me to this photo of three boys. Bub Moran identified the center boy as Rome Martin.  We think the other two boys might be Bub and his older brother Jimmy but we aren't positive.  Based on research Rome was born about 1904.  If the picture includes Bub Moran, the young one on the left, then it would have to be taken in 1920 or a year or so later which would put Rome at age 16 here.  I guess that's possible but he looks more like 12 or 13 to me.  So for now the only thing we can say for sure is that the photo was clearly taken in front of Moran Place and includes Rome Martin.

Who was Rome?  He first appears in the 1910 Census for Weakley County with his family.

Father: Dan Martin, age 56, married for 25 years. He was born in Tennessee and his parents place of birth are both listed as Tennessee.  He was a laborer who did odd jobs and had been unemployed for 4 weeks during 1910. He couldn't read or write.

Mother: Joanna, age 40, number of births 13 number of living children 10.  She and her parents all listed as born in Tennessee. Joanna was a cook and had not been unemployed at all during 1910.  She couldn't read or write. 

Daughter: Etta, age 17, single.  She was a washerwoman and had been unemployed 8 weeks during 1910. She could read and write.

Son: Vester, age 14, single.  Like his dad Vester was a laborer who worked odd jobs.  He was unemployed 12 weeks during 1910.  He could read and write.

Son: Alec, age 12, single, attended school, could read and write.

Daughter: Kittie, age 9, single, attended school, could read and write.

Son: Rome, age 6, single, attended school, could read and write.

Marriage Document for
Dan Martin and Josie Cook
Rome's parents, Daniel Martin and Josie/Joanna Cook were married in Weakley County on August 29 1887.  His wife's name would appear in various forms: Jo, Joe, Josie, Joanna.

In the 1920 Census Joanna is listed as a widow.  I found a death certificate for Daniel Martin who died May 19 1918 in Dresden Tennessee.  His estimated birth year was 1856, born in Martin TN, and his age "about 62."  He was married and his occupation was coal mining.  His father was "Dinnes Martin", Virginia, mother was Harriet Martin of Virginia.  The informant was D.E. Martin.  He died of Sarcoma of Inferior Maxillary bone.   He was interred at Ralston Cemetery.  It's possible that this is Rome's father.  

In 1920 Joanna is at home with her children Etta, Alec (Alexander), Jimmie, Kittie and Rome.  Joanna's occupation is "cook, private family"  Etta's occupation was "none".  Alec was a laborer at a saw mill.  Jimmie was a "house boy, private home."  Kittie and Rome were listed as "none."  I'm wondering if Joanna and Jimmie were employed by the Moran family?  

Joanna Cook Martin disappears after the 1920 Census.  

On March 30 1926 Rome's brother Vester died in Memphis at the Veteran's Hospital.  Information from the death certificate says he was born October 18, 1895 in Tennessee.  He was married and worked in a tobacco factory.  His parents were Dan Martin and Joe Cook.  He died of tuberculosis, pulmonary, chronic, far advanced, active.  The certificate indicated it was possible he contracted the disease during his time in the military.  His body was returned to Dresden for burial.   I found Vester's WWI Registration.  The only thing I noticed was the different birth date, January 15 1896.  His wife remains a mystery.

In 1930 Rome is out on his own, age 25 and married.  His wife is Vivian, maiden name unknown.  Vivian's age at the time of the 1930 Census was 16.  They had a daughter named Shirley M. Martin, one year old. This is the last reference I find regarding Rome and his family.

Kittie has also left home and has her own household in 1930.  She was 28 years old, and married.  She was
Kittie/Kitty Martin with
Dottie and Jimmie Moran
Family Reunion 1945
19 at the time of her marriage, per Census Data.  She had a daughter named Joanna, age 7, and a son named James W., age 4.  Like her mother, Kittie was a cook in a private family home.  My thought is that her mother Joanna was the cook at Moran Place and after her death Kittie became the cook.  I was not able to locate marriage information for Kittie and she didn't show up in any searches for the 1940 Census.  But I know she was still in Dresden because she was still employed by the Moran's and appears in pictures from the family reunion of 1945.

Rome's sister Etta died February 7, 1939, Dresden TN.  The death certificate revealed that she was divorced from Sam Fuller. Her birth date was October 26 1890 and the informant was Jimmie Martin, maybe her brother? Bowlin and Riggs were the undertakers and burial was at "Hill Cemetery." I confirmed with Bowlin Funeral Home in Dresden TN that Sunrise Cemetery has been known as various names in the past including variations of Hill and Hill Top Cemetery. Using the information from the death certificate I was able to locate Etta and Sam Fuller in the 1930 Census in Henry County TN.  Sam was 29 years old, born in Georgia.  They had been married about a year.  He was a loader working on the highway.  Etta was 30 years old and no occupation was listed.  I don't know if they had any children.

I found a Jimmie Martin that I believe is Rome's brother. He appears in the 1930 Census for Dresden, age 32 and married.  He was a laborer at a filling station.  His wife was Cozette Gleason, age 27.  She was a laundress and worked out of the home.  Their daughter was Ruby M, age 8.  Jimmie was living just one house from Rome in 1930. According to the Tennessee State Marriage database Jimmie and Cozette were married on March 10, 1923.

Jimmie appears again in the 1940 Census for Dresden.  This time he's listed as James Martin, age 38.  He's an attendant at the O.K. Chevrolet Company.  Cozette is 35 and a cook in a private home.  Daughter Ruby is 18 and is also a cook for a family.  In addition, Ruby is now married to Richard Edmondson.  Richard is 18 and a farmer.  Cozette's mother is also in the household.  Lizzie Gleason, age 42, widow. She has a position as cook in a private home as well.  Other data for Cozette and her her family is listed later.

Because I research as I write I often come across information I didn't see before.  That's the case here.  I was trying to locate Alexander Martin and came across the 1900 Census for the family.  I'm now able to include the following children of Daniel and Joanna Martin:  "Hue" (sic), age 14, born Feb 1886. Hugh was a porter at a hotel.  The next child is Charly, a daughter, age 7 born Nov. 1892.  In addition to the children Joanna's father is living with them.  His name is Lewis Cook, born march 1824, age 76. He was born in Kentucky.

I have not been able to locate anything past the 1920 Census regarding Alex.  His name appears in various forms: Alec, Alex, Elick,  Elic, and Alexander.

Additional information:
Data for Joanna Cook's family
Joanna Cook was the daughter of Lewis/Louis Cook and his wife Caroline.
From the 1870 Census Weakley County:
Cook, Louis, age 42, Farmer, value of real estate $400, value of personal estate $200, born in Kentucky
-----Caroline, age 37, keeping house, born in TN
-----Elzira, age 17, at home, born in TN (Married Napoleon Gardner Weakley County July 18, 1885)
-----Rachel, age 14, at home, born in TN (Married Mike Eskridge Weakley county Jan 8 1874)
-----John W., age 12, at home, born in TN
-----Joannah, age 8, at home, born in TN
-----Louis A., age 6, at home, born in TN
-----Mary M. M. C., age 4, at home, born in TN
-----Mary C, age 2, at home, born in TN

1880 Census Weakley County
Cook, Louis, age 53, Farmer
-----Caroline, age 46, keeping house
-----Clementine, age 14, daughter 
-----Mager M., age 6, son

Data for Cozett Alliev Gleason's family:
Information from her delayed Certificate of Birth, State of Tennessee.
Name: Cozett Alliev Gleason
Date of Birth: Apr 23, 1901
Birthplace: Dresden, Weakley Co. Tenn
Father: Wiley Gleason, Tenn
Mother: Lizzie Sylvertooth, Tenn
Signed by Cozett Martin and dated Feb 19, 1960
Abstract of supporting evidence:  Census Records, April 15, 1910
Photostatic copy of Social Sec app.
Affidavit of relative
Affidavit of non-relative

1910 Census for Dresden
Gleason, Wiley, age 40, born in Tennessee.  House Carpenter, can read and write
-----Pearl, daughter, age 16, single.  No occupation listed.  Could read and write.
-----Charley, son, age 14, single..  House boy, private home.  Could read and write.
-----Sara, daughter, age 16, single. Could read and write
-----Cozette, daughter, age 9. Could read and write.
-----Maggie Lee, daughter, age 6
-----Harvy, son, age 4

1920 Census for Dresden
Gleason, Wilie, 
-----Lizzie, wife, age 38
-----Pearl, daughter age 26, cook in hotel
-----Charlie, son, age 24, taxi driver
-----Sarah, daughter, age 21, no occupation.  Married Cephas Thompson Aug 26 1922, Weakley County. Died Nov. 24 1941 in Nashville.  Buried at Hill Top Cemetery (now known as Sunrise) Dresden TN
-----Maggie Lee, daughter, age 18, cook for private family
-----Harvey, son, age 16, shoe shiner, barber shop
Wade, Ama/Ema, sister-in-law, age 34 single, cook for private family
-----Sidney, brother-in-law, age 30 widow

Information from the death certificate of Wiley J. Gleason
Date of Birth: March 15 1872
Occupation Day Laborer
Birthplace: Weakley County TN
Father: Billy Gleason, Weakley Co. Tennessee
Mother: Ann Gleason, Weakley co. Tenn.
Informant and wife: Lizzie Gleason
Cause of Death: Dropsy of ? accompanied with dropping blood pressure
Burial: Dresden Cemetery (Sunrise Cem?)
Undertaker: Winstead and Bowlin Bros.  

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