Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jim Moran III and Nashville Group ca 1896

Ebenezer and Peter Calvert were painters and photographers in Nashville.  The Calverts were born in England and studied art there prior to moving to the United States.  They made their way to Nashville about 1870 and worked in several studios before setting up shop for themselves. Both taught art and worked in several mediums such as oil, watercolor and pastels.  Miniatures were exceedingly popular at that time, a medium in which Peter excelled.  They formed a partnership with Sam Taylor in 1896 to form Calvert Bros. & Taylor.  The partnership lasted just four years and they reverted back to the name Calvert Brothers.  Although they were accomplished artists their bread and butter came from photography, specifically class photographs like the one from Moran Place.  Middle row, seated, second from the left is Jim Moran III.

If you're visiting this page and happen to recognize any of the people pictured here please drop me a line so I can add their name.

Here's a closeup version.  Jim is seated in the center of the two rows.  Some of the people look vaguely familiar, perhaps I've seen them in other photo's but I don't know who they are.

Here is a larger version of the middle section.

And of course the right side folks.

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