Thursday, December 5, 2013

Irvine and Thomas Wedding Photograph by Watson, Martin TN 1946

The only person I can identify in this photograph is Louise Moran, second from the left.  I've enlarged the photo into three segments. Perhaps someone will recognize a relative among the faces.  The photographers mark is "Watson, Martin Tenn."

Updated Dec 8, 2013.  Thanks to Tommy Moore and Paula Provine Thomas we know this is the wedding of Mary Sue Irvine and George Connor Thomas Jr.  and can identify a few more people.  Sue and George were married in 1946 at the First United Methodist Church in Dresden, Tennessee.  George was born in 1918 in Dresden, Tn, the son of George C and Georgia Shannon Thomas.  He served in World War II and was awarded a Bronze Star for bravery in combat.  He received his law degree from the University of Tennessee, first in his class.  He had a prosperous law practice in Dresden and also served as Weakley county Judge for 8 years during the 1950's.  Mary Sue passed away in 1985.  In 2003 George served as the Grand Marshall for the Iris Parade.  You can read a really wonderful Senate Joint Resolution by Roy Herron recognizing the life and contributions of George Thomas and congratulating on him on being the Grand Marshall.  George passed on in 2009.

The best man is standing next to George and his older brother William Shannon Thomas.  Shannon married Irene James in Gibson County, Tennessee on March 31, 1933.

The man on the far left is Phil Barton Harris, a future Circuit Court Judge. He married Marilyn Alexander on Jan 23 1943, Weakley County.  Phil Barton Harris passed away February 13, 2013.

Marguerite Joy Jones is the daughter of Marguerite and Harry E. Jones, born about 1925.   I know she married a Garrett and will try to fill in more information later.

Louise Moran was born in Dresden on Sept. 24 1923.  She attended Southwestern College, later to become Rhodes College, in Memphis.  She pursued a nursing career and moved to New York where she met her future husband, Dr. Robert Wrisley Atkins.  They were married in Dresden on Nov 12 1961.  Her husband died in 2003 and she continues to reside in Rochester, New York

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