Saturday, January 18, 2014

1859 State Bank, South Carolina, 10 Dollars

Toward the end of the Civil War John W. Moran was at Augusta, Georgia.  This $10 bank note was probably part of his last pay from the Confederacy.  The note is signed by Benjamin M. Lee, a cashier at the State Bank of South Carolina and the president of the bank, Edward Sebring.

Sebring was a transplanted New Yorker to South Carolina.  In addition to other architectural endeavors, he built an amazingly beautiful Greek Revival style home in Charleston between 1838 and 1846.  In addition to being the President of the State Bank of South Carolina during the Civil War, his tombstone proclaims that he was one of the founders of Magnolia Cemetery and its first president.  At the time of his death he was president of E. Sebring and Company, an insurance and brokerage firm.  His first wife was Caroline Secress Miller.  In 1863 he married Gertrude Richards Jessep.

Benjamin Markley Lee was born in Charleston about 1809.  His tenure with the Bank of South Carolina was a long one.  He seems to have begun as an "outdoor clerk and porter" in 1836 and worked his way up to Cashier.  He married Eliza Broome in 1852.  Lee died in 1871 and like Sebring, is buried in Magnolia Cemetery. Cemetery.

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