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1890 Annual Hop Sewanee Corps of Cadets

Fannie Moran was invited to the Annual Hop of Sewanee Corps of Cadets for Thursday Evening, July 3rd, 1890 by a distant cousin, John Martin Gardner.

John Martin Gardner was the son of John Cains Gardner and Virginia M. Martin.  He married Ellender Wilson on May 4, 1905 in Dyer County.  Their children are Virginia Gardner and John M. Gardner Jr.

The pleasure of your company is requested at the Annual Battalion Hop of the Sewanee Corps of Cadets in Forensic Hall.  Thursday Evening, July 3rd, 1890.  University of the South.  Sewanee, Tenn.

Dancing begins at 8:30.
Military Guests requested to appear in Uniform.

2nd Lieut. W.P. Stone, 2nd U.S. Artillery, President
Captain A.S. Cleveland, Texas, Vice-President
Captain W.G. Brown, Alabama, Secretary
Captain J.A. Austin, Jr., Tennessee, Treasurer

Floor Managers.
Captain A.S. Cleveland, Texas, Chairman
Captain W.G. Brown, Ala           Captain J.A. Austin, Jr., Tenn.
Adjutant D.H. Hamilton, Jr. N.C.

Arrangement Committee.
1st Lieut. W.D. Cleveland, Jr. Texas, Chairman
2nd Lieut. J.B. Wilder, Ky.                1st Sergt. G.H. Glass, Texas
Sergt. W.H. Johnston, Ala.                Sergt. N. Heyward, S.C.
Corporal D.B. Stanton, Miss             Dorporal A.G. Blacklock, Tenn.
Private J.H. Haskell, S.C.                  Private E.D. Johnston, Ala
  "  R.R. Moore, Ala                            "   E.W. Letellier, Mich.
  "  J.C. Watson, Fla.                           "  F.C. Fishburne, S.C.
  "  W.A. Wilkerson, Texas                  "  W.H. Philan, Tenn.
  "  Leg. Guerry, S.C.                          "  W.F. Starley, Texas

Refreshment Committee
1st Lieut. W.C. Robertson, Texas Chairman
2nd Lieut. John Lewis, Ala                 1st Sergt. C.L. Glass, Texas.
Sergt. L.D. Hearne, Texas,                 Corporal H.H. Adams, Texas.
Corporal W.E. Wilmerding, Texas       Private F. E. Jones, Ala
Private R.M. Kirby Smith, Tenn.            "  D.L. Miller, Ky
  "  R.W. B. Elliott, Tenn.                       " F.P. Phillips, Fla.
  "  W.E. Coleman, Mo.                        "  E. Sargent, Ind.
  "  S.J. Adams, Texas                           "  J.B. Cannon, Tenn.

Invitation Committee
1st Lieut. A.L. Kirk, Miss. Chairman
Sergt Major C.K. Lincoln, Ark.              Sergt. E.F. Howard, Miss
Sergt. J.H. Elliott, La.                              Corporal G.W. Hodgson, Ga.

Music Committee
1st Sergt. S.B. Ford, La.                          Sergt. W.B. Aiken, Tenn.
Corporal A.B. Hall, Ala.                           Corporal L.C. Thomas, Miss.

We have a lot of Fannie's handwriting and it doesn't look like this so I'm assuming that John M. Gardner signed it himself.

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