Thursday, January 9, 2014

Animals at Moran Place

In addition to interest in their own ancestry the Moran's were interested in animal breeding and champion lines.  After all they did have a working farm!  We've come across pedigree's for horses, cows, and dogs.  There are ledger pages recording when pigs "dropped" and were bred. And documents recording who they sold to and purchased from.   I would imagine that Brud was the one interested in the pigs and cows while the hunter of the family, Jim Moran, was interested in dogs and horses.

The open book in the picture shoes the pedigree of a dog named Monie Moran.  Her dam was Lionsheart Bluestone and the sire was Laddie Rodstone.  The breeder was Mrs. L.T. Holliday of Montana.  The year was 1921.

 And here you can see where "Old White Spot Sow dropped 10 pigs" and other assorted pig tales.

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