Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Louise Moran Formal Attire, ca 1940

Louise Moran was the youngest child and only daughter of Jim and Virginia Moran.  She was born in 1923.  One of Louise's legs is a bit shorter than the other, a condition that shows up in the Moran family from time to time.  

Louise attended University and majored in Nursing.  She moved to New York to pursue her career and met her future husband, Dr. Robert Atkins, at work. She and Bob didn't marry until 1961 and they had no children.

The photograph was taken by Linton Godown, a professional photographer living in Memphis.  He was married to Carolyn Cobb, Louise's cousin.

The dress on the right was still packed away in a trunk in Louise's bedroom at Moran Place.  It's definitely seen better days with some staining and small tears in the fabric but it survived and so does Louise.  She is the last surviving member of the "older" generation of Morans. 

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