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Letters to Jim from his little sister Louise, 1932-1933

These letters were written by a young (8-9 year old) Louise Moran to her oldest brother, Jim Moran, who was at the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland.  She focuses on kittens, puppies, schoolwork, friends and illness. Some of you may recognize a few of the folks she's writing about including Billy Mangum, Ila Ruth Moore, the math teacher Mrs. Pritchett, Dan Smith, and Louise Ferguson. Over the years the address of Moran Place went through some number changes.  Back in the 1930's it was 310 Cedar St. I think it's interesting that in 1932 she signed her full name, Marion Louise Moran, but in 1933 she drops the Marion and is now Louise Moran. 

Dresden Tenn
June 1932
310 Cedar St.

Dear James
I miss you a lot and everyone loves (you), even Bobby.
The kittens are growing and their eyes are blue also pretty.  I named the one like Bobby Dinks and the other one Puff.
I recived your letter this morning and I am glad that your like Annapolis.
We are going over to see Mrs. Holdman to-night.
Mother made some delicious nectar yesterday and I wish that you could have some.
Mr. Brock is working in Milan.
Joan is going to Martin this afternoon for a visit.
The puppies are growing a lot and are cute.
Bubby Brock stepped on a bee and hurt his foot bad.
I am nearly over with whooping.
How are you?
All of us well (over)
I hope that you can understand the boy that you that room with you better now.
Love to you from every one.
Your little sister,
Marion Louise Moran
kiss the . please

Dresden, Tennessee
June 15 1932

Mr. J.H. Moran
U.S. Naval Academy
Washington DC
Dearest Admiral:
Bobby was just had a fit and she scared Mother and I very much.  We were eating supper yesterday and Mother jumped up in a chair and I did too.
Louise Ferguson and her baby came Sunday at noon, and her baby is very pretty.
Mildred brought your book home yesterday.
Mr. Ellis is better now, night before last Uncle Brud stayed out there all night.
How are Daddy and Harrell, p.s. and you?
Did you see the Commercial Appeal picture? and the Banner one? I thought the one in the C.A. was better than the one in the Banner.
How are You?
Love to all and all
Your little sister
Marion Louise Moran

Dresden Tenn
Jun 10 1933
Dear James, 
I am sorry to hear that you are sick, & hope that you will soon recover.
Again I thank you for the ring which I am crazy about.
Yesterday Billy Mangum, Ila Ruth Moore, James Whartion, Dan Smith, and I were chosen to write a talk on Lindbergh.  As I was first to read mind which I did got everything the others had & more too. James got his from a book in the library, I got my story from your book "We".
To-day we are taking test.  This afternoon Mrs. Pritchett gave us Arithmetic test & she did not ell us anything about it she just took up our papers as she always does.  (We are subtracting fractions)  & counted off "five" five left out an * sign or - sign.  When she read out the grades my face became hot & my hands cold, I shivered & shook until she said "Louise Moran, 100".  Dan made 30 & yet he didn't miss a problem.
I getting sleeping so must close,
Love & Kisses,
Louise Moran

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