Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sometime by Alla M. Foster

"Sometime" was written by Alla M. Foster.  A search for the author only pulled up one hit on google and that was to another poem (You Held It Tight) published in 1925 in The Brethren Evangelist.  The clipping was most likely saved by Jim and Virginia Moran and gives a little insight as to what they enjoyed and things that touched their hearts.  It does make me wonder if this poem was published around the time of the Great Depression and the collapse of the Dresden Bank.  

Though clouds may gather 'round the way,
And stars refuse to come,
One land we know has perfect day,
In you bright heavenly home.
Though friends forsake and all looks drear,
And Heaven seems far away,
Cheer up, sad heart, no more repine, 
Thou shall find light--some day.

Let friends forsake and foes appear;
Our Savior bore this all.
He knows how bitter is the cup,
His own was filled with gall.
Let earth and all its troubles go,
Look up--cast grief away,
Though clouds now gather dull and low,
All will be bright-someday.

Some day, sometime we all shall stand,
Upon that blissful shore,
And there the woes that grieve us now, 
Will trouble us no more.
So then be brave, poor burdened one,
Hope on, trust on, and pray,
God knows it all and in His time,
Will give the light--some day.

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