Monday, November 10, 2014

The "Hoops" Letter from Elise to Brud Moran, January 1898

It's very surprising that Brud Moran never married. He seemed to be quite the ladies man if the letters to him from women are an indicator.  And he was very dapper looking!

We have quite a few letters from a woman who signs herself as "Elise D.A."  Elise is mentioned in a letter I transcribed in October of 2013, from Shepherd Milner Fowlkes to Brud.  Shepherd says "No doubt you have forgotten such a human exists, and I can only think of you as "Bob Taylor's barefooted boy" for I visited at your home seven years ago this past Summer, and I can't remember how you look, only that you were barefooted, but Elise Tells me that you are a "thing of beauty and a joy forever" now, and that you were not barefooted while she was at Dresden.  She spent one day and night with me last week, and we planned many schemes to get you down here." 

That letter was written a month after the "hoops" letter from Elise which makes me think Brud and Elise had known each other for a while for him to be sending her hoops!  As for the "Ide" who went to Boston, that may have been Brud's sister, Ida.  She may have been visiting some of the Gunn relatives since that's where her grandfather Lyman Taft Gunn was from.

Dear "Brud;"

Did you send the nice hoops that came from Nashville last week?  Farne (sp?) was there at the time & I thought he had sent them until I heard from him, then I could not think of another soul in that part of the country who would be at all likely to send them but you.  It would certainly be a delightful surprise to find that you did for I thought of course you had forgotten all about me long ago.  Hoops are the nicest presents any way and these are the ones I most wanted.

Just for fun we went to see a clairvoyant the other day and she said I had recently received something nice from a tall fair haired man and described you to a dot.  Wasn't that strange?  She told me many other things too that were exactly true and made many fine predictions for the future.

I am so sorry Ide has gone to Boston.  I wanted her to go and help me keep house next month while my mother is away on a visit.  I know you will all miss her so much.

Give my love to "Dennis" and don't either of you forget me before I come again next summer.

Yours Etc
Elise D.A.
January 8, 1898

I hope someday we discover who Elise was.

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