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18 December 1951, SUBJECT: Christmas Festival, 603rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron

Christmas 1951 saw Bub Moran stationed in Germany.  It's possible he had already met his future bride Ria Fuhrmann but for now he was still a bachelor.  The following letter was written by Earl L. Mack, Chaplain, USAF to all of the officers, airmen, and dependents of the 603rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron.  The subject being the 1951 Christmas Festival.  I've transcribed the letter which goes into great detail about Santa taking gifts to orphanages, poor houses and needy families.  Santa even visited the Burgermeister and I have to admit every time I see Burgermeister I am reminded of the Burgermeister Meisterburger from Santa Claus is Coming to Town!  Childhood memories are a wonderful thing and I've included a link to the Burger Meister at the end of this post.

But back to Bub's Christmas.  The letter says that everyone received from Santa a "bonified Zippo Cigarette Lighter to each Officer, Civilian, airman, and dependents of the Squadron which are engraved with:  Christmas, 1951, 603rd AC & W Squadron, Giebelstadt, Germany, and the individuals name."  Kent remembers seeing the lighter but so far no luck finding it to include in this post.  I have included a picture of Bub with one of his friends, Jim Brand, taken in 1952 in Wurzburg.

603rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
APO 800

SUBJECT: Christmas Festival

TO: Officers, Airman, and Dependents
        603rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron

1.  The Squadron, through your donations to the Christmas fund, funds from the unit fund, and
donations of money, clothing and food from individuals in the United States have made it possible to plan our Christmas Festival this year which will surpass any functions of this type that the Squadron has under-taken in the past.

2.  The following money donations were received by the Committee from:
   a.  Officers, Airmen and Dependents
        603rd AC & W Squadron                                 $2,458.10

   b.  Mrs. Eileen Metzger                                                   5.00

   c.  Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Ridgewood,
        New York                                                                  75.00

   d.  El Katif Masonic Temple, Spokane, Wash.              65.00

   e.  Elk's, Spokane, Washington                                      50.00
                                                                TOTALS    $ 2,653.10

3.  The following persons residing in the United States have contributed packages containing food, toys, shoes, and clothing as of this date and we are still receiving packages.

2    Miss Bertha Cornwell                                              18  Student Council, Regional 
7   Peacedale Congregational Church,                                 High School, Penn Grove, N.J.
     Peacedale, Rhode Island                                              1  Intermediate Class, First
2  Mrs. Mary G Soares                                                          Methodist Church, Palestine,
1  Mr & Mrs Manuel J Soares Jr                                           Illinois
1  Mr & Mrs Joseph Gill                                                   8  Luther Chapel Church, Coral,
1  Miss Delores Soares                                                          Pennsylvania
1  D.W. Oliver                                                                   1  R.P. Weis
2  S.M. Warfel                                                                   1  Edna Turner
1  Mrs. Millard Jarrett                                                       1  Mrs. W.H. Sutton
1  Mrs. J.F. Zeluff                                                              1 Mrs. R.M. Hughes
1  Florence Eaton                                                               1 Rev. Dodd
1  Mrs. Synia Fohtz                                                            3 Young People Union, First
4  First Baptist Church,                                                          Baptist Church, Snyder Tex.
    Milford, N.H.                                                                  1 J.W. Bates

4.  The following is a rough run-down of how your money has been spent.  However, this is not a financial statement, but one will be posted for your inspection shortly after the New Year.

1,400          Christmas Candy boxes                          2,500 lb          Potatoes
   500          Christmas Candy bag's                           1,000 lb          Carrots
   700          Christmas Cards                                     1,000 lb          Cabbage
   540 lb      Christmas Hard Candy                                88              Loaves of Bread
   192          Assorted Toys                                            334 lb         Lard
   132 pr      Boys and Girls underwear                         162 pkg      Pudding
   136 pr      Boys and Girls Stockings                          324 lb         Noodles
   121 pr      Boys and Girls Nite Gowns                       188 lb         Sugar
   301 pr      Boys and Girls shoes                                 144             Bars laundry soap
     41          Chickens                                                    144             Bars face soap
     30          Geese                                                         144             Cans of Milk
     17          Ducks                                                             4             Complete sets of clothing
    405 lb     Flour                                                                              for orphan children in
                   Wrapping paper, string and                                           Giebelstadt
                   name cards

The above will be distributed to approximately 2,100 individual adults and children.

5   The following schedule is for your information.

Friday 21 December 1951    0800:  Santa leaves the Squadron Area to deliver toys to two Kinder Gardens in Giebelstadt and then on to the HICOG Office in Oschenfurt where approximately 35 poor and orphan children will receive from Santa, a new pair of shoes and a box of candy.

1300 hours:  Leave the Squadron Area to deliver food baskets to the two old folks home in Oschenfurt and to nine elderly folks in Landkries Oschenfurt.

Saturday 22 December 1951   0800:  Leave the Squadron Area with Santa and his sleigh to deliver shoes, underwear, candy and toys to the boy's and girl's orphanage, Vinzentinum, 10, Schlostrs and orphanage Marienaustalt, Franc-Ludwig Strsse, Wursburg.

1300 hours:  Leave the Squadron area and meet Santa at the Wurzburg Motor Pool and then on to a boy's and girl's orphanage where Santa will give out shoes, candy and toy's, thence to a crippled boy's and girl's hospital located at Reichenberg by Wurzburg where they will deliver night gowns, toys, and candy.

Sunday 23 December 1951 1600:  Leave the Squadron area to the Ralhaus in Giebelstadt where a program is to be conducted in conjunction with the German people of Giebelstadt; there will be Christmas carols sang by the two children's school choir from Giebelstadt and the Squadron Choir.The Bergemeister will address the audience.  Upon arrival of Santa Claus in his sleigh, he will distribute approximately 800 boxes of Christmas Candy to the children of Giebelstadt.

1830 hours:  Start of the Squadron Christmas party in the Theater with the holiday Hi Jenks
consisting of Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Sredd, Mr. & Mrs. Ajelio Mismetti, 4 male and 2 girls with a 10 piece band from Wiesbaden.  There will be 5 acts with music by the band between acts and it is expected to last approximately one and one half hours.

2000 hours:  Maybe before - Free beer, soft drinks and dance band in the Airman's Club.  also a Buffett Supper which will be served in the large Airmen's Dining Room.

2100 hours:  Santa presents a bonified Zippo Cigarette Lighter to each Officer, Civilian, airman, and dependents of the Squadron which are engraved with:  Christmas, 1951, 603rd AC & W Squadron, Giebelstadt, Germany, and the individuals name.  The party will start breaking up when the beer is stopped at 2330 hours and everyone is encouraged to help his buddy off to bed for a good nights sleep as the following day there is still much to do for Santa.

Monday 24 December 1951  0900 hours:  THE BIG DAY FOR GIEBELSTADT!!!  Santa and his helpers leave the Squadron area for the Rathuas in Geibelstadt where after paying a visit to the Bergemeister, Santa and his helpers will deliver some 70 food baskets, with live chickens, geese, and ducks, shoes, toys and candy to needy families.

Christmas day - 25 December 1951:  Santa and his helpers have had a pretty full 4 day's work making other people and children happy with these presents and it is now their turn to sit back and enjoy their own individual Christmas day.  For those who desire, they may attend Christmas Services or Mass in the Squadron Chapel at 1100 hours.

Catholic Mid-night Mass 2400 at Leighton Barracks and transportation will leave the Squadron at 2300 hours.  Christmas Day services at the Hospital at 100 hours and the regular Christmas dinner.

Yes, you can have your Tom Turkey or choice of Ham with all the trimmings and may have either beer or a good wine with your meal.  Christmas dinner will be served from 120 to 1450 and supper from 1645 to 1800 hours.

6.  Santa needs lots of help to deliver all the things which you have helped to make available for the needy orphans, poor children and families, henceforth, Santa encourages you to participate in the delivery of these gifts.  Pick the day, time, and place which you would like to help deliver to and be in front of Headquarters one hour prior to the hour Santa is to leave the Squadron so that he can organize you all.  Don't just pick one day.  Santa Encourages you to go along on all his trips-The old saying is, "The more the merrier" certainly pertains in this instance.

Earl L. Mack
Chaplain, USAF

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas
and a very Happy New Year!

Kent, Nathan & Mary Moran

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