Friday, January 1, 2016

Cousin Turner to Cousin Fannie, ca. 1880-1900

I'm starting out the New Year with a photograph that is annotated "Cousin Turner to Cousin Fannie" taken at Bingham & Hilliard's photography studio in Memphis Tennessee.  The Fannie is Fannie Moran but Cousin Turner is a bit more mysterious.  But I guesstimate that it's possible Cousin Turner is a Morehead.  The Moran's are related to many Moreheads including Turner Morehead who is connected via his daughter Caroline's marriage to Dr. Lyman Taft Gunn, the father of Sophia Gunn who married John W. Moran. 

The picture dates from 1880/81-1900. I use those dates because Charles D. Hilliard joined the Bingham Photography studio in 80/81 to form Bingham & Hilliard in Memphis. There were a large group of Morehead's living in Memphis and it's possible that this is the Turner Morehead that appears in the Sholes' Memphis Directory for 1895.  More research is needed.

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