Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You say Morner, I say Moran, Morner, Moran, Morner, Moran, Let's call the whole thing off

I had been looking at Census records for John W. Moran and actually was having some fairly good luck finding information.  However, for the life of me when I did a search the 1850 Census always came up missing.  It didn't matter if I searched for John or one of his siblings, the results were always the same.  No Moran's appeared in the 1850 Census for Dresden, TN, but we knew from family history that they were there.  So I resorted to doing a manual inspection on my own rather than trusting the database search I had been using.  

And voila!  There they were on page 6 at the very bottom: E. Moran, Martha Moran, Jane Moran, Agnes Moran, John Moran, Marion Moran and James Moran.  hmmmm.  So that meant that whoever transcribed the records had made a mistake which is not that uncommon but it makes it very interesting/difficult when you put in a name to search and it's been indexed incorrectly.  It's especially frustrating when the service allows you to save records to individuals in your family tree and the name is wrong!!

Eventually I discovered that the name Moran had been indexed/transcribed as Morner.  That makes one heck of a difference when you're researching!  So I saved the record to the appropriate family members and included a note indicating that the name is really Moran, not Morner.

So if you've been researching this line of Morans and weren't able to locate them in the 1850 Census, here they are in household 49 of the 1850 Census for Weakley County, Dresden, TN.

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