Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dresden High School Class of 1936

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I really wish the scanner fairy would stop by our house and give me a new scanner.  I need one that can scan large pictures and even newspapers.  But since the scanner fairy hasn't shown up I'll have to make due with the old HP All in one.

Here is the Dresden High School Class of 1936 with Nathan H. Moran on the bottom row, first one on the right.  At the bottom of the picture is the motto: Effort brings success.

Top row, right to left: Maurice Brann, Miss Mary Fannie Jeter (English), Miss Fay Lewis (French and English), Mrs. James Logan (Math and History), Mrs. B.L. House (Home Ec), Don Joyner

Second row, right to left:  Margarette Wharton, Claude Hilliard, Mayella (sp?) Ferrell, C.E. Brock Superintendent, C.H. Moore Principal, Craddock Vaughan, K.G. Shankle, Hilda Peery (sp?),

Third row, right to left:  Thomas Rawls, Nellie Ruth Brann, Bill Killebrew, Herbert Westbrooks, Warner (?) Bradberry, Charles Travis

Fourth row, right to left:  Royal Pinkston, Edythe Strong, Viola Westbrooks, E.J. Winstead

Fifth row, right to left:  Arvil L. Pinkston, Ruby Steele, Rupert Pinkston, Topsy (sp?) Bowlon, John T. Jeter, Rachel Thomas

Sixth row, right to left: Minnelle (sp?) Westbrooks, Bill Brooks, Tess Buckley, Carthal Brundige, Sue Ellen Sandefer, Warren Bradberry, Josephine Clement, Harold Clement Cashon

Bottom row, right to left: Nathan H. Moran, Nedra Parker, Taylor Thomas, Marilyn Alexander Valedictorian,  Sherman Westbrooks

Congratulations Class of '36
Dresden, Tennessee


  1. thank you for the post, thought i would never see this picture again. dhs has made no effort to display or preserve the class photos.

    1. Hi dwpbike,
      My husband remembers when they tore the old high school down in the early 1970's. He remembers there was a display case that highlighted the WWII veterans and also they had all of the class pictures, trophies, etc on display from the beginning of the school until the time it was demolished. Most of the memorabilia was discarded but a few items were saved and placed in the new Dresden High School building.

      Are you by any chance a part of the Dresden Class of 36? If so, would you be willing to tell me who you are in the class picture?? Did you know Nathan Moran and the Moran family?