Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Dolls, circa 1920

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Durability and toys don't usually go hand and hand.  Some kids play rough and tumble with their toys, others are more gently.  These dolls have seen some rough play but are still around after almost 100 years.  They've come out of the steamer trunk and the cedar chests to see the light of day again.  These dolls probably belonged to a very young Louise Moran and I believe them to be from around 1920.

Three dolls from the Moran family.  Circa 1920.

Cute bunny doll.

Articulated doll, head view.  I particularly like this image because she reminds
me of the statues of angels in cemeteries.

Very unhappy, two faced doll.

Happy side, two faced doll.
This one reminds me of the creepy dolls in Toy Story.

Side view of two faced doll.
There's just something about a two faced doll that is creepy.

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