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The Tennessee Centennial and Belmont College, 1897

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Education has always been important to the Moran family.  From the time they were little they were attending Mrs. Evans School in Dresden TN and then as they became teenagers the boys (Jimmie and Harrell Moran) were off to a school in Elkton KY and then The Webb Bell Buckle School in of course, Bell Buckle, TN.  The girls (Fannie, Ida, and Marion) attended Mrs. M.E. Clark's Select School for Young Ladies and Miss Price's School in Nashville, TN. They went on to attend Belmont College also located in Nashville.  At the time they were attending, the ladies were housed in the Belmont Mansion which had been divided up into dormitory rooms.

The Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition took place in 1897 and there was a special pavilion just for showcasing the contributions and achievements of Tennessee women.  Among those who attended and took part in the Centennial were Fannie and Ida Moran. Fannie contributed works of poetry and writing while Ida participated in Belmont Day at the Centennial by participating in a musical recital.  She performed two solo piano pieces.

This letter from Ann Snyder (Chairman Library Cmte, Women's Board Tennessee Centennial)
was sent to Sue Mooney in Dresden, TN.  Mrs. Mooney was the principal at the Dresden Academy
where Fanny Moran was teaching. The Committee is requesting Mrs. Mooney to submit
books and other works of writing for inclusion at the Exposition. 

This is the programme from Tennessee Centennial for the musical
concert performed by students of Belmont College, May 21, 1897.
Pg. 2 of the programme.  I've underlined Ida Moran's name in red.

Page 3 of the programme.

On the back is a song called Belmont Days.  I'm assuming
it was the Alma Mater for Belmont College.

This is the cover from the Centennial Souvenir book Tennessee Centennial Poems,
written by Annie Somers Gilchrist, 1897.

This is another item from the Tennessee Centennial.  A recital
program for Miss Neva Sharon Stuart, another student from
Belmont College, School of Music.

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