Monday, June 27, 2011

Mrs. Evans School, Class of 1887/88

Mrs. Evans School
Weakley County, Dresden, Tennessee
Class of 1887/88

I've transcribed the names that were written in pencil on the backside of the picture.  Even though the writing has faded it was possible to get a list of most of the students names.

Front Row, seated, left to right
Carl Finch, James Moran III, Eugene Boyd, Lee(?) Gardner, Percy Scott, C. Harrell Moran, Gerald Scott

Second Row, Right to left
Ben Edwards, Metta(?) M. Gardner, Bessie Ross(?), unknown Lockridge, Mary G. Little, Stella Reavis,
Mollie Lockridge, Lillian Gardner, unknown Evans/Evers, Ida Moran, Annie Crane(?)

I wasn't able to determine at this time which direction the names went for the other two rows.  Also, one corner is missing which makes those names lost to us forever.  Here are the rest of the names listed in the order they appear on the back of the picture:
Lulu Eskridge, unknown Evans/Evers, Maud Little, Mildred Larkins, Wiley Blakemore, unknown Irvine, Charlie Ewing, B. King, L. Evans, R. Harris, Lulu Jenkins

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