Monday, August 8, 2011

J. Moss Jr, 1870

This is just one of the many pictures in the Moran family personal collection. Most of the people remain a mystery because there's no name written on the back.  In this instance we have a lot more information than normal.  First, we know the photograph was taken in Leavenworth Kansas by the prominent photographer E.E. Henry because of the photographers mark but more importantly we have a name and a date. On the backside of the photo Mr. Moss wrote "Compliments J. Moss, Jr., 31st Dec. 1870.

I still don't know who he is or how he knew the Moran's.  Perhaps a descendant will google his name someday and find a picture of their long lost relative.  At least, that's my hope.

John W. Moran's 1904 Ledger
J.W. Moss entry

UPDATED January 10, 2017
I picked up this photo again today after finding several references to a J.W. Moss in a 1904 ledger that belonged to John W. Moran as well as a John Moss in the Bookkeeper's Ledger, Washington Lodge No. 5, IOOF, Dresden, Weakley County Tennessee.

John Moss entry, Bookkeeper's Ledger
Washington Lodge No. 5
International Order of the Oddfellows
Dresden TN

There are a few John Moss's living in Weakley County which makes it difficult to identify exactly which might be our J. Moss.  There is one that I think fits the bill more than others but more research is needed. I have also searched Leavenworth records since that's where the photo was taken but just because it was taken there doesn't mean Moss was a resident.  J.W. Moran also was in the Leavenworth area for a time and we have photographs of his wife's family taken there but the Moran's came back home to Dresden.  I tend to think Mr. Moss did as well.

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