Thursday, November 17, 2011

1901 Vanderbilt University, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity

Charles Henry Cobb was born June 27, 1876 in Union City Tennessee.  His parents were Thomas D. Cobb and Elizabeth Johnston.  Cobb attended Vanderbilt University and was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Beta Pi Chapter, 1901. He was an attorney and businessman in Union City. Cobb married Marion Agnes Moran in 1905.  He and Marion had one child, Carolyn Elizabeth Cobb.  She was born in 1907.  

Marion committed suicide in 1934 by jumping from a bridge.  She was buried in Eastview Cemetery.  Not long after Marion's death, Cobb married Ottis Leone Luton, she was 22 years his junior.  They had no children together.  Cobb died in 1951 and was buried in the Cobb Plot at Eastview Cemetery with his first wife, Marion.  Ottis passed away in 1986.  She joined Marion and Charles in the Cobb family plot.

Below is a picture of the Brothers of the Beta Pi Chapter, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity of Vanderbilt University, 1901.  We found the picture in a steamer trunk on a recent trip to the Moran family home.  I believe the F.W. Motlow pictured is Felix Motlow, one of the brothers of Lem Motlow of Jack Daniels fame.

Left to right Top row: S.A. Johnson, T.E. Kennedy, F. B. Wilson, W.D. Weatherford
Second row: W.W. Jarrell, W. E. Wellburn, C.D. Zdanowicz, F.W. Motlow, O.V. Calhoun
Third row: J.R. Dawson, B.T. Nolen, J.R. Snyder, Thos. Steele Jr., J.E. Pierson, A.W. McCord, A.B. Camper
Fourth row: R.W. Billington, J.K.McFarland, John Paschall, C.H. Cobb, D.F. Douglass

Closeup of Charles H. Cobb,
husband of Marion Moran

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