Sunday, December 25, 2011

James H. Moran IV, 1931 High School Graduation. Part 2

The previous blog entry about James H. Moran IV featured his picture and congratulatory cards for his high school graduation.  Young Jim had the responsibility of giving the Salutatory speech at the graduation ceremony.  We have his handwritten speech with strikethroughs and corrections included.  In addition we a complete copy of the commencement exercises for the Dresden High School class of 1931.

Page 1, draft Salutatory speech
Tonight is the summary of a twelve year chronicle.  We are considering things in retrospect, but we are thinking most of the future.  Modern youth is very out-spoken in fact the truth is too great that way. in that direction older critics consider the trend too great that way.  But the graduation of every graduation senior class in history, the speeches/addresses made at the occasion, have lauded it (each class) as the best.  We do not deceive ourselves.  This school or any other school has never produced a senior class in which every senior here lived/fulfilled up to the expations (sic) of his friends.  We recieve (sic) from life just what we put into it. contribute to life.  We are not trying to discourage ourselves, but are only looking at things as they really are/actually exist.  If we decieve (sic) our selves now, we are hurting our selves injuring in the future.  Now is the time to consider and profit by our mistakes of the past and draw conclusions/there from wisdom which will govern our future actions.  We are not going out  just launching into life and High school is not a place to prepare for life/ completion of lifes preparation.  We have been living in high school and as we have done things here we will be inclined to do their act in the future.   If we have formed bad habits already it is not to late to correct them but this correction will become more difficult every/each day.  As we look back we realize that we should/could have studied more.  We should have been more considerate of our teachers and school mates.  We are not discouraged by past mistakes.  We visualize the future with confidence and trust that every fate may carry, we shall always reflect credit and honor for our Alma Mater.

Page 2, draft salutatory speech

The Commencement Exercises covered a period of several days.  One night there was a Musical Recital, another was the Senior Play.  Jim was in the senior play, the Smiling Cow, as Uncle Ben Billinger.  There was also a Declamation Contest, Baccalaureate Sermon and the final day is the Senior Graduating ceremony.

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