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Letter From Daisy Gunn Ezzell

Back on Dec. 25th I did a two part blog for the high school graduation of James H. Moran IV. He graduated from the Dresden Tennessee High School in 1931 and went on to the Naval Academy at Annapolis.   (Part 1 and Part 2)  Today I came across another congratulations letter for him.  This one is kind of special because it's from one of his Gunn relatives, Daisy Gunn Ezzell. (1873-1972)

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Daisy and James are descendants of Lyman Taft Gunn. Daisy is one of his granddaughters and James is one of his great grandsons.  Add the twist in that Daisy married Clyde Ezzell.  Clyde Ezzell was the brother of James Battle Ezzell who married Fannie L. Moran.  Fannie was James' aunt.  Which I think makes Fannie and Daisy cousins as well as sisters-in-law.

Daisy didn't marry Clyde Ezzell until she was 50 years old so they had no children.

Nashville Tenn
May 7, 1931
My dearest Jimmie, Well this is the day of days in your young life and all things look bright and rosy and there is nothing so refreshing as youth and its enthusiasm and those who have the companionship of young people can keep their own poise and faith in human kind.  To me there was never any thing that made me burst with pride and joy as my graduation and so it is with youth.  I am just dreadfully

ashamed though not to have gotten this letter to you today but I have a house full and in scanning the date (without my glasses) got May 17th in mind.  I know your father and mother will be very proud of you and I am indeed happy to have you in our hearts today and wish for you a most glorious future with the success in things that are really worth while, and hope you may attain your ambition soon to enter Annapolis.  I

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think you are very brave to face these exams but I have a cousin who took four before he passed so just "keep agoing." I shall expect great things of you and Lyman Thomas, in whatever kind of endeavor it may be.  Lyman I believe will be a farmer but he wants to be a scientific one. He now has a fine herd of eleven registered Jerseys and a start with ten fine pigs.  I am a great believer in people doing what they have a talent for and not to carry out some older persons ideas.

page 4
Mama (Sallie Boyd Gunn) and Clyde both extend their most hearty congratulations upon your graduation and also wish for you much success.  I am mailing a little remembrance today and altho it may be a "little tardy" nevertheless express in a small way out thought of you on this joyous occasion.
With best love from your devoted cousin Daisy G Ezzell.  I think your invitations are lovely.

The Lyman Thomas she mentions is her sister Carolyn "Carrie" Gunn Davis' son.  He was born in 1914 and passed away in 1984.  He married Lenna Coles in Nashville in 1940.  

And apparently, Lyman Thomas Davis' dreams of becoming a dairy farmer came true!

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