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Florence Drewry letter to J.W. Moran 1911

This letter is to J.W. Moran from Florence Drewry Blakemore.

Dresden Feb 13th 1911

My Dear Friend:

Nannie has just finished writing to you, and if I chance to give Jim a few of her items kindly excuse it.  Mr. Moran of course you remember old Dr. CUTLER.  I was starting to write something of Mrs. GARRETT being compelled to believe that "tis an ill wind that blows nobody any good" in this case she is the beneficiary of a good slice of the goods.  The ill wind having blown her husband to Washington, you to Nashville, and a good one wafted Jim to his, in her unprotected state.  You will wonder when Dr. Cutler comes in.  Our Father was always amused when he made a quotation by his raising his voice and giving the author. many times I heard him and the old Dr give the author with such an air

Oh!  Mr. Moran Dresden has been at a white heat our Martins fight for the Courthouse.  The same old fight, though the tactics were new this time only it would be but the beginning of the end.  I always find myself thinking "Tacky Martin".  Jim EDWARDS was here on a brief visit last week.  He saw his new building and Tom McELWRATHs for the first time and is delighted with the improvements.  While Jim might not to look old, he is the freshest looking man I ever saw.  He and Fannie MORAN look like they did when they were children.  He represented all his Texas friends as well as prospers and the state firmly divided into Bailey and Anti-Bailey.  Ethel Jones will give a Valentine party tomorrow night in the interests of the "WCTU"

Measles has hit the town in different localities and I have been in rather closely , never having had it.  So I simply do not know anything.  Mrs. MOONEY is with Maud in Nashville. Mrs. MCCUAN has been quite sick for several weeks.  Mr. BARRS place looks lonesome and so does yours.  I am very much interested in  you getting back to see to your garden and "things" visions of "Cantaloups" are beginning to scamper though my mind.

Everything looks all right at your home so far as the care of it is concerned but it is so lonely not to see you all there.  Make hast and get well.  Give my love to Harrell & Fannie & the family & Jim and Harrell came home both well.

Florence Blakemore

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