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The Drewry Sisters: Nannie and Florence, July 1919

Nannie Drewry
Came across another chatty letter from Nannie Drewry to Charles Harrell Moran and from her sister Florence Drewry Blakemore as well.

Harrell had always been sickly and had been away at a sanitarium in Battle Creek Michigan also known as a health resort. Which accounts for the reason Nannie didn't know he had been away. Nannie speaks about the sale of ETHERIDGE land.  That would be Emerson ETHERIDGE, an attorney in Dresden and neighbor of the Moran's.  He was also a Tennessee state representative.  George Boyd was a Moran relative and he worked at the Dresden Bank, owned by the Moran family.  Several other Dresdenites are mentioned and perhaps someone will recognize one of their family in this letter.

For more information about Nannie Drewry be sure to visit the blog entry titled Nannie Drewry of Dresden Tennessee

Dresden Tenn
July 27, 1919

Dear Harrel (Everyone spells his name wrong!)

page 1
Of course we didn't know of your where abouts until you were ready to return, but when we discovered you were so far away we missed you awfully and won't be satisifed until you return safely.

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Martha is back.  Clem met her at McKenzie and her crowd assembled at the station.  I met her yesterday at Mrs. HILLS, Clem and Mrs MAIDEN spent an evening with us.  Clem says M- has broadened in all lines.  She is very well satisfied with the progress she has made.  She certainly has physically, her face has lost its delicate contour, but she just scintillates energy, youth and health.  Mrs. Charley MEADERS is here with her family, but only for a visit.  Bessie went on to Nashville to join her husband who is back from the war.

page 2
Since the Fourth Dresden hasn't had anything except the big sale of the ETHERIDGE land, it is so beautiful over there, with its bridges and white washed trees.  The spirit of romance seemed always in those hills and it seems we have to thank Messrs. POTTER, MOORE, KILLEBREW, MAIDEN & HOLLADAY for the expression of those hidden beauties.  Every body in Court Circles seems to treat Mr HOLLADAY as they please and it was rich the way he "got in" on the deal, it seemed the other three bid $2300.  Mr. H started to raise it and they had to take him in, the whole place sold for eleven thousand and everyone seems sorry that Mr. H was included in the deal, I am glad.

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Ella has been very sick, but is out of danger now.  I have just been over there, and George BOYD is getting over his spell slowly, which reminds me of Rolandus LEWIS he married several weeks since, his nurse, he is going to bring her home soon.  I hope you are feeling all right.  We miss you very much, just knowing you are gone makes us lonesome.  Dear Harrel I have nothing to make a letter interesting its such an awful hot spell.  I don't know what I've written but I do hope you are all right and will feel permanently benefitted by your trip.

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With love,

Florence Drewry was married to John W. Blakemore. The Blakemore's were related to the Moran'.s

Letter from Florence Drewry Blakemore:
Dresden July 26th, 1919

Florence Blakemore
side 1
My Dear Harold

We are beginning to get lonesome for a sight of you.  Jim told us a few days ago that you were at "Battle Creek", and we do hope that you are "cool & pleasant".  It has been awfully hot here every since you have been gone.  I am so glad you are at "Battle Creek".  I have always had so much confidence in the "Mayo Brothers".  I hope it will be cooler here when you get home.  We saw Virginia late yesterday evening.  There was an Ice Cream Supper for the Methodist Church and it was so warm that they concluded not to go so they drove home and brought their cream home and Virginia & James brought us over some- such a nice treat.

Florence Blakemore
side 2
Wednesday I was interrupted and could not finish and now might just let this be a note - go with what I hope is a letter from  Nannie & that she has told you all the news.  Our sick people, "George & Ella are both better- & each of them had a serious time and Harold I do hope you will come homewill be strong.  It so lonesome not to see you pass- you have not hurt yourself coming over the past year, but if you come home strong & well, I will forgive that.  Look at and tell us all about Battle Creek.  Nannie says I must stop & go & take her letter.

With best wishes and love, I am sincerely Florence BLAKEMORE

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