Friday, June 8, 2012

Lover's Quarrel, pre 1897

Fannie Moran had many suitors in her day.  She received numerous notes, cards and invitations to go on buggy rides, walks, church soirees etc.  But it was James Ezzell who caught her heart and eventually kept it.

However, even in the 1890's not all relationships were free from trouble as can be seen in this note written on, of all things, mourning paper.  Was that a Freudian Slip on Fannie's part?  Or did she purposely choose to write the good bye note on mourning paper to convey more feeling?  Or did she simply grab the first piece of note paper she could find?  

Most likely we'll never know why she chooses this moment to never see Jim Ezzell again but we do know that he was able to change her mind.  We also know this note was written prior to October 1897 as that's when she and Jim were married.  It might possibly have been around 1895 as that was when her mother Sophia Riley Gunn Moran passed away and hence, the black bordered paper.

Mr. Ezzell,

You will please excuse me this morning.  
I can not see you again.

F.L. Moran

I can't excuse you.  I have something very important for you.  Are you angry at me this morning?


I would imagine that for her to address him as "Mr. Ezzell" she was not happy with him. I'm also assuming that she normally addresses him as Jim since that is how he signed his portion of the note.

In today's terms, this note is the 19th century equivalent of a "tweet."  :)  Short, under 140 characters, and returned by the recipient.

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