Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Right Hand Bower

This letter comes from Agnes Marion MORAN who married Benjamin Dabney IRVINE.  Her husband passed away in 1916.  She apparently was living in Bowie Texas with her son John Sidney "Sid" Irvine and his wife Blanche BOULWARE  I blogged earlier about Sid Irvine and his brother Thomas "Tom" E. Irvine.  It's a fascinating tale of two brothers.  Tom committed murder and fled the state of Texas,  His brother Sid was accused and tried four times, eventually he was acquitted of the crime and remained in Bowie Texas.

I digress. Agnes was writing to her nephew Charles Harrell "Brud" Moran asking him to help her out with an easement situation  back on the "home place."  In the letter she refers to Brud as her "right hand bower." In the card game Euchre, the term right hand bower signifies the highest ranked card so she was telling Brud he was her trump card and she was playing him against the KY & Tenn Light Company.

Bowie Texas
Jan 2, '25

Mr. Harrel Moran,

Dear Brud wishing you a happy and prosperous new year & good luck all the time.  I received the nice & sweet Xmas present you sent me which I appreciate and thank you so much for you remembrance of aunt Agg.  Hope you all enjoyed a nice Merry Xmas back home.

Brud, I have just received today a letter from Bump telling me the Ky & Tenn light co. were surveying a right of way through the lot north of home place.  (Bump is another of Aggie's children, James A. Irvine, nicknamed "Bump")  They say they will have to cut some trees down for the Right of Way but are willing to pay.  I have been told they have a right to go through anyones land so I guess it will do no good to oppose it but must pay for all damages done, so if they do establish a line through this lot we can bring suit & get value of land & damages.

Brud I will have to employ you to look after this for one you can read the contract and if they offer a reasonable price you can accept, and may save a lawsuit.  Now I am leaving all this in your hands you can do the best you can.  You know they will just go ahead without consent of people, but I hope they wont go through my woods if they have to cut down all trees in fifty feet of the line I think that would be quite a slaughter of timber but I hope that won't be the case.

Dear Brud I don't know who to call on but you.  I feel like you are my right hand Bower.  I won't sign anything that comes out here only through you you for I know it will be all right if you send it.  You can talk with Bump as I am not qualified to do business of any kind so I will be perfectly satisfied with what you will do.  Sid has been gone from home for two months so I had no one to talk business with so I hope you can understand how it is with me.  Sid left home the first of Nov one month before I came down here he is off buiyng up cotton and maybe another month before he gets back home.  Write and let me know how things are.  Love to Jim, Virginia & family, Lots & lots for your dear self (Jim is Brud's brother. Virginia is Jim's wife Virginia Shumate.)

Yours devotedly,
Aunt Aggie

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