Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Shumate Sisters, ca. 1905

I think this is one of the pictures ever.  The poses are playful, the dresses, hats, furs, and gloves are charming.  I can't imagine having to wear all of these things everyday.

We feel certain these young ladies are Virginia, Maibelle, and Louise Shumate.  They were all born in Kentucky, probably in Garrard or Rockcastle County, but were orphaned.  Their mother, Maggie Adams Shumate, died in 1896 and their father Nathan McClary Shumate died in 1899.  In 1900 they moved to Newbern Tennessee to live with their uncle Quincy Shumate and his family.

Virginia married James Henderson Moran III in Dresden TN in 1911.  Maibelle married Newton Temple Harris about 1907 in Tarrant County Texas.  Louise married Joseph Clay Durway. They also lived in Tarrant County Texas.

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