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Brasfield-Thompson Lumber Co. Nov 4, 1910

Letter to J.W. Moran from
George M. Brasfield
Note that "answered" is written on the letter.
George Moore Brasfield was born in Weakley County Tennessee August 18, 1868.  His parents were George Robert Brasfield and Sarah Ellen Moore.  George married Virginia Elder January 13, 1892. He and Vergie had one child who they named George Frederick Brasfield.  This George married Minna Booker.  I haven't figured out all of the Brasfield/Moran connections but there are Brasfield's in the Moran family tree.

When George M. Brasfield wrote this letter to John W. Moran he was living and working in Tacoma Washington in 1910.  He was the president of the Brasfield-Thompson Lumber Co, manufacturers of hardwood lumber, specialties in oak, ash and gum.  His vice president was J.W. Thompson, who might've been the same J.W. Thompson who was born in Weakley County in 1859 and died there in 1924. A.L. Foster was the company secretary and J.N. Penrod, treasurer.

In addition, George had a lumber camp on the Cache River in Arkansas and the Brasfield post office in Arkansas was named after him.  He had lived in Memphis for a time and on the letterhead Memphis is listed as the Office for the company.

In his letter George is specifically asking for a loan of  $5000.  We don't know if it was a personal loan from J.W. Moran or if he was asking for a bank loan which was possible since J.W. Moran was the President of the Dresden Bank.  I lean toward the side of it being a request for a bank loan since at the end of the letter George Brasfield is also sending his regards to George Boyd who was a cashier at the Bank of Dresden and was kin to J.W. Moran too.  If it had been a personal loan I don't think he would've mentioned George Boyd.

George goes on to indicate that his mother and "John" would most likely endorse the note for him.  I can't say for certain but it's possible that he is referring to his brother John Coke Brasfield who moved his family to California where he formed John C. Brasfield Publishing Co and was the founder of  Architectural Digest.

On the envelope someone has written "answered".  It could've been J.W. Moran, George Boyd or even J.W.'s son Charles Harrell Moran since all three of them worked at the bank.  We'll never know for certain if George M. Brasfield received his loan but my intuition tells me it was granted.  J.W. Moran was an astute businessman and there is a clear indication that this was not the first time George had asked for money and it had previously been granted.

Mr. J.W. Moran
Dresden, Tenn
Nov. 4th, 1910

Dear Mr. Moran

I am making some deals out here in timber and land and the prospects of coming back look mighty good but I am shy of enough cash. Can you loan me 5000 for a year at 10%.  I do not want to lose this deal because it is a good one and absolutely safe.

Mother and John I expect will endorse the note.  Its all right I assure you I haven't sold any of my Memphis and Miss. Land.  Pretty nice Country out here growing fast and many opportunities for good investments in timber and growing city property especially.

I hope you will accommodate me again.

With regards to yourself & Geo. Boyd
Very Respectfully,
Geo. M. Brasfield

P.S.  I have no expectation of making this my permanent home.  Only out here temporarily, about a year I think.  I do not have to have this money for 30 or 40 days but need letter to him about it soon.

Very Respectfully
Geo. M. Brasfield
1218 Fidelity Bldg
Tacoma Washington

To me it's amazing that this letter was sent on Nov 4 1910 from Tacoma Washington
and arrived Nov 8 1910 in Dresden Tennessee.  Just four days!

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