Sunday, November 11, 2012

1888 Demon Alcohol Leads to Murder

Picture was added April 18, 2013
The right image is the original scan.  The left I tried using color
correction software.  Neither is great but it's better
than nothing!  ca. 1880
While researching some of the Irvine relatives I came across Harry Clinton Irvine, the first born son of Agnes Moran and B.D. Irvine.  His nickname was Buck.   The Irvine branch of the family seemed to be full of piss and vinegar as my own mom would say.  They were a wild bunch.  In an earlier post I related the story of Sid and Tom Irvine and the murder of J.W. Kerr in Bowie Texas.  Tom did the actual killing but he left the state leaving Sid at the mercy of the law.

Back to Harry.  Harry was born Oct. 9 1857.

I came across was the Hamilton Daily Democrat of March 5, 1888.  It seems that Harry and Tabe White were quarreling over a jug of whisky.  Harry shot and killed Tabe.  I've not found anything else regarding this crime.

The last thing I know about Harry is that he died at the age of 39 on May 7, 1897 and is buried in Moran Cemetery, Dresden Tennessee.  Cause of death is unknown.

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