Monday, November 12, 2012

Lillian Haynes Dobson and Walter Kenneth Hyde

This image comes from the Ward Seminary
1913 Yearbook.  It was supposed to represent
Lillian when she was born (1896),
When she was a school girl (1913), and her
life as a leader of society in 1930.  Sadly
that did not come true.
Lillian Haynes DOBSON was the daughter of Matthew Hughes DOBSON and Roberta A. ALLEN of Nashville Tennessee. She was also the sister of Matthew Hughes DOBSON who married Sophia Eleanor EZZELL, the daughter of Fannie MORAN and James EZZELL.  Lillian was born August 14, 1895.  She attended Ward Seminary which became the Harpeth Hall School.  She was the President of the Senior Class in 1912, just one of the many honors she received at school.

William Kenneth HYDE was born in Illinois on June 18, 1893.  His parents were Walter H. HYDE and Ellen Hyde.  He attended Vanderbilt University and is listed as being in the graduating class of 1918.  Nashville City Directories indicate he was a Mechanical Engineer.

William Hyde and Lillian Dobson were married in March, 1916.  The young couple had such promise but it wasn't meant to be.  William and Lillian contracted pneumonia in the fall of 1918.   Lillian was pregnant at the time.  William passed away on October 7, 1918.  The following day their infant son was was delivered, stillborn.  Soon after his delivery, Lillian too slipped the bonds of her mortal coil.

The family were interred together on October 10, 1918.  The headstone inscription is very poignant:

Lillian Dobson Hyde Died Oct. 8, 1918, Age 23.
Walter Kenneth Hyde Died Oct. 7, 1918, Age 26.
And Infant Son.
Laid to rest together October 10, 1918.
How many hopes lie buried here.

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