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1912 - Fannie Moran's 15th Wedding Anniversary

This letter is to Charles Harrell Moran from his cousin Daisy Gunn and she's talking about Fannie's 15th wedding anniversary to James B. Ezzell.   Fannie Moran is Charles' sister and also Daisy's cousin.  In addition, Daisy married James Ezzell's brother Clyde making her Fannie's sister-in-law as well as her cousin.  Got that?  :)

Oct 1912

Dear Brud
As next Saturday the 19th is Fanny's fifteenth anniversary we have been planning to go out and give her a surprise on that day.  Just the family, and I wondered if you were expecting to be down here any time soon, if you could not arrange to be with us at that time.

We don't want her to go to so much trouble so have not written her we were coming although I told her that probably Mama (Sallie Boyd Gunn) and Carrie (Carolyn Gunn Davis) would be out.  I met Sophia and told her and will probably see Jim.  Did not know until yesterday whether to plan or not for I was afraid Fanny would have a house full already, and expected Marion and Ida (Fannie's sisters) to be there.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather as we are.  I spent Saturday before last at Newsom and it was certainly beautiful in the country.  I saw Emmie (sp) yesterday as she and Carrie came in and she enquired especially about Mr. Moran.

Hope Virginia (Fannie's mother) has felt the benefit of her trip to Epperson and is gaining her strength rapidly.

Now I am just writing this note hoping you can join the family on the 19th.

Love from all to Jim (Fannie's father), Virginia and yourself.

As ever....

Went to hear Heoper (sp) and Judge Jones the other night.

Epperson Springs was a resort area at Westmoreland Tennessee.  During the Civil War it was used as a Confederate recruitment and training center.  By the middle of the war the Federals had taken control of the area but were constantly plagued by Confederate Troops.

It became one of the most famous Tennessee health resorts in the early part of the 20th Century and was known for its variety of waters. It was listed in Brennecke's First Annual Automobile and Resort Guide, Tennessee, 1912.

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