Saturday, December 15, 2012

Button Recycling

Our ancestors truly knew the value of a dollar.  Today we talk about being "green" and have trendy recycle and reuse sayings but they didn't think of it as being green, they thought of it as being thrifty, economical and saw the potential to reuse items when possible.

This tinbox, which was surely a magnificent thing in its day, was used to store buttons.  And not just the occasional button that popped off and needed to be sewn back on.

When clothing wore out they removed the eyelets, hooks, buttons, collars, cuffs, lace and anything else that could be reused on another piece of clothing.  And then they used the remaining clothing to stuff mattresses, pillows or used them as cleaning rags.

Here's what we found inside this particular tinbox.  A truly unique collection of buttons, clasps, hooks and beads.

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