Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Ferguson-Bozeman Nuptials 1930

We believe this to be
Harry and Helen.
Harry Maxwell FERGUSON is our first cousin, twice removed.  His grandmother on his mother's side was Agnes MORAN.  She married B.D. IRVINE and it was their daughter Sophia that married Charles A Ferguson, the parents of Harry.

Harry fell in love with Helen Josephine BOZEMAN, the daughter of Augustus Nardin BOZEMAN and Mary Josephine, maiden name unknown at this time.

Harry and Helen were married on July 19, 1930 at the Little Church Around the Corner in New York.

This is the front of a card that was sent to them from the church on one of their anniversaries and as a little fundraiser nudge.

My dear Friends:
This is the anniversary of your wedding and we want you to know that we are thinking of you and are sending you our Blessing and greetings.  May each year bring you increased happiness.
When you were married you became members of the Little Church Family.  Please do not forget to renew your membership this year and help us build up the Endowment Fund that is to keep the Church here at 29th Street for years to come.
Let us hear from you--and better still, come in and see us when you can. Be sure to let us know of any change of address.
Faithfully your friend,
Randolph Ray

On the back is written:
This is the church Harry and Helen were married
in 1930.

Here is another photo of the same couple.  These pictures were with the wedding invitation and the card from the Little Church around the corner.  The picture above is undated but on the back of this one it says Aug. 1, 1946.

I found this wonderful little video on Youtube about the Church.  The church was founded in 1848 and was named the Church of the Transfiguration.  It has a long tradition of ties with the theater and interestingly enough it received it's name when the rector of a nearby church refused to perform a funeral for an actor and and referred them to "the little church around the corner".  

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