Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hearty Greetings, ca 1890's

The font of this strange
Christmas Card

This little card is so odd.  It reminds me of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.  The colors are more Halloween than Christmas and it has spider webs and spiders and other little insects embossed on the card.  The inside greeting says "A Cristmas Wish." with Christmas being misspelled.  In pencil is the notation "your little Gwen."  We don't know who Gwen was and we aren't sure which Moran was the recipient of the card.

A guesstimate on dating this card, we would put it early to late 1890's.

When you open the first panel you are met with "Hearty Greetings" and if you look closely on the left panel upper left you will see a spider web and spider.

The next panel opens to reveal the following sentiment: 

"A Cristmas (sic) Wish.  With never a wish ungranted, All earth's best gift for your own.  may this be the happiest Christmas That ever your life has known.  M.R. Jarvis"

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