Sunday, March 3, 2013

James H. Moran III and WWI

I came across two items that had been pinned together from World War I.  The first is James H. Moran's Registration Card dated September 1918.

Registration Certificate.
To whom it may concern, Greetings:
These Presents Attest, That in accordance with the proclamation of the President of the United States, and in compliance with law, James Henderson Moran, Dresden, Weakley Tenn, has submitted himself to registration and has by me been duly registered this 12 day of September, 1918, under the supervision of the Local Board designated on the back hereof.  (The back is stamped County of Weakley, State of Tenn, Dresden, TN).  Signed by W.W. House, Registrar.

In addition to being the registrar William W. House was the manager of a sand and gravel business.  His father was Isham House.  He married Mary F. Elliott Nov. 23, 1890.

Now James would've been too old to go off to World War I since he was 40 years old at the time.  Plus he was a family man and a banker and bankers were considered essential.  Being a banker also made him the perfect choice to be a Director of Publicity for the Victory Liberty Loan program for Weakley County.  Too old to fight but just right to help raise money for the war!

Directory of Publicity Certificate, 1919
Treasury Department
War Loan Organization
To All Who Shall See These Presents, Greeting:
Be It known, that, reposing trust and confidence in the loyalty, integrity and abilities of
J.A S.   H.  M O R A N
he is hereby appointed and duly empowered to serve as DIRECTOR OF PUBLICITY,
in the flotation of the Victory Liberty Loan by the Treasury of the United States
and to have and to hold that office until the conclusion of the duties incident thereto.
Signed and Sealed in the City of Saint Louis, Missouri, this THIRD day of April,
one thousand nine hundred and nineteen.

War Loan Organization of the Eighth Federal Reserve District
D.C Biggs                                                                        W.R. Compton
Governor                                                                          Federal Director
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis                                     War Loan Organization

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