Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bicknell's Village Builder and Supplement

James T. Gunn was a carpenter and owned his own construction business.
From the paperwork I've been looking at he built everything from sheds to houses and even did house renovations.  

We have receipts and letters from Tennessee families with well known names like McGavock, Donelson and Johnson.  James was based in the Nashville area but for a period of time he lived in Pecan Point Arkansas where I believe he was doing work for some of the McGavock family who had moved from Nashville to Pecan Point.  Specifically Edward and John Jacob McGavock and James T. Gunn all resided within the Pecan Point vicinity according to the 1870 Census.  James was there as early as 1868 as that's when he married Margaret D. Brown.

In his file folder I came across an envelope addressed to James at Pecan Point with a Nashville Postmark.  The only thing inside was a newspaper clipping from American Agriculturist, November 1872.  On one side is an advertisement for Bicknell's Village builder and Supplement.

Clipping from James T. Gunn file

Amos J. Bicknell was not an architect.  He published several pattern books for  houses as did George Barber.  Moran Place is based on a George Barber design.  

The back of the newspaper clipping is interesting in its own right.  I especially like the Bickford Family Knitting Machine.  It looks a lot like knitting machines you can get today.

I think the house in the advertisement looks a lot like this design from Bicknell's book.  Bicknell's Village Builder and Supplement is available in its entirety online if you want to view the plans for this and other structures.

In case you're interested in what the full page looked like before it was torn out of American Agriculturist I've included them here:

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