Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jennings Business College Ephemera

Charles Harrell Moran attended Jennings Business College.  For more an in depth look at the College, his diploma and more be sure to look at the Jennings Business College Nashville TN post.

This is a piece of education ephemera celebrating Ratification Treaty between the Confederate States and the United States.  Side one is facsimile of a $500 CSA note.

Side two is entitled "Strong and Pointed" and has endorsements by various prominent Nashvillians.

Bishop Holland Nimmons McTyeire, while President of the Vanderbilt University, who never gave an opinion without careful study, said to a mother, whose son wanted a position: "Send him to Jennings' Business College; a certificate from R.W. Jennings to your son, recommending him for a position, will be of more benefit to him than all other influences, he could have." 

Gen. William Hicks Jackson  the distinguished proprietor of Belle Meade, says "Having known Mr. R.W. Jennings for a number of years, and being satisfied as to his business methods and efficiency as an educator of youth, to prepare them for practical business, I sent my son to his college, and it affords me pleasure to commend him to all who are contemplating the sending of their sons and daughters to such a school."

Judge Thomas H. Malone, Chancellor of this division and Dean of the law department of Vanderbilt University says: "I have known Mr. R.W. Jennings, of the Jennings Business College, for about thirty-five years.  Both as a practicing lawyer and Chancellor, I have had occasion to examine critically his statements of complicated transactions and his expositions of erroneous bookkeeping.  I always rely with great confidence upon his expert opinions, and believe that he, as an expert, has no superior among us.  I think he is eminently qualified to be at the head of a business college, and his success proves it."

Thomas D. Fite, Sr., a retired merchant of Nashville, and who was identified with the wholesale trade of the South for half a century, says:" "R.W. Jennings, the proprietor of Jenning's Business College, was my partner in the wholesale dry goods trade for six years,he having exclusive charge of the counting room, and it is needless to say his work was in the highest degree satisfactory; in fact, he has been for a long time considered one of the most scientific bookkeepers this country has ever produced.  I sent my two sons to his college for the reason that I knew the man, and knew that he had the entire confidence of the business community for thoroughness and reliability."

Mr. J.H. Fall, of the firm of J.H. Fall & Co., Nashville, one of the largest wholesale hardware houses in the South says:  "I have known Mr. R. W. Jennings, president of Jennings Business College, quite well for many years.  His long identity and close connection with the mercantile and banking world enables him to conduct a business college based upon actual experience, and this feature gives his school, in my judgment, a decided advantage.  Several of our employees were trained by Mr. Jennings, and all, without a single exception, are methodical, painstaking and reliable, I therefore, unhesitatingly endorse and commend this college to all who are seeking a business education."

For a catalogue of this noted school address Jenning's Business College, Nashville, Tenn.

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