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Gardening Club of Dresden TN 1939-1941

In addition to growing their own food the Moran's enjoyed growing flowers, big shade trees and at one time they had a grape arbor.  Or more specifically the grape arbor was an agricultural experiment of Uncle Bruds which didn't produce many grapes but it did provide a lovely addition to the grounds. 

Uncle Brud was very much ahead of his time in terms of farming and being green.  He was constantly trying to improve the land, looking for crops that improve soil conditions and all in all being a good steward of the planet.  He loved planting trees and was given the nickname Johnny Appleseed.  One of his projects involved planting pecan trees along Highway 22 for which he received approval from the county highway department.  But later when the highway was widened the trees were all cut down.

Virginia and Jim Moran loved traveling and along their travels they would visit places like Cypress Gardens and Ash Lawn.  Virginia particularly enjoyed the cultivation of flowers.  

So it was no surprise to come across a folder full of brochures about growing flowers and plants from the USDA, Farmers bulletins, and newsletters from gardening societies and guilds.  The really interesting booklets came from the Dresden and Union City Garden Clubs because they tell us who was a member and what the club was involved in.

We have four Dresden Yearbooks from 1939 to 1941.  We also have a Union city Garden Club Yearbook 1939/1940.  The first page of each yearbook tells who the book belonged to, in our case each one says Mrs. J.H. Moran (insert year), Dresden, Tennessee.   It explains what a woman's club is, when it was organized and the club motto. There are lists of members, past officers, committee assignments, by-laws, minutes of meetings and more.  

I particularly like the 1941 yearbook because the cover is hand printed with artwork.   So, I've selected 1941 as the edition to showcase here.  At some point I will transcribe the entire yearbook so that the content is searchable.

So far I have transcribed through page 10.

page 2
What is a Woman's Club?
"A meeting ground for those of purpose 
Great and broad and strong;
Whose aim is in the stars; who ever
Longs to make the listening world resound 
With sweeter music, freer tones. 
A place where kindly lifting words 
Are sailed; kindlier deeds are done;
Where hearts are fed; where wealth of
Brain for poverty atones; where hand
Grasps hand and souls find touch with 

page 3
The Garden Club of Dresden, Tennessee
Organized March 9, 1936.
Flower..........The Rose
Shrub.............Crepe Myrtle
Motto..................."Watch Us Grow."

page 4
The Collect.
Help us O God, to grow in Spirit and
in truth; Lead us in thought, word and deed.

Let us be kindly one toward another reserving all
hasty judgment.

Save us to be straight-forward and unafraid.

May we grow calm, serene, and become
gentlewomen willing to work and wait for
the fullness of our plans.

Remembering always that we are as one in the
big things of life.

O Lord God, give us love and understanding
as a key to unlock the hearts of womankind
and bestow our gifts of truth and beauty.

page 5
Club Membership
Charter Members
Mrs. I.L. Banks            Mrs. Mary Irvine
Miss Ida Baxter            Mrs. J.E. Jones
Mrs. J.N. Brasfield        Mrs. H.E. Jones
Mrs. W.D. Brasfield      Mrs. R.E. Maiden
Mrs. Roy Brasfield         Mrs. L.D. Maiden
Mrs. Lee Brasfield         Mrs. J.H. Moran
Mrs. Allen Brasfield       Mrs. W.G. Nall
Mrs. Claud Brock          Mrs. Warren Pettigrew
Mrs. H.O. Cashon         Mrs. Peter Porch
Mrs. M.E. Chandler       Mrs. W.H. Pritchett
Mrs. R.A. Elkins            Mrs. J.E. Shannon
Mrs. H.C. Frazier           Mrs. F.G. Smith
Mrs. Tom Grooms         Mrs. Raymond Smith
Mrs. Pete Harris            Mrs. Ruben Taylor
Mrs. S.L. Hastings         Mrs. J.W. Thomas
Mrs. J.C. Holbrook       Mrs. A.G. Thomason
Mrs. M.D. Ingram          Mrs. J.C. Vaughn
                     Mrs. King Webb

Miss Lettie Clement         Mrs. Fred Mayo
Mrs. W.E. Mischke         Mrs. Cayce Pentecost
Mrs. G.T. Mayo              Mrs. A.D. Stubblefield
                     Mrs. A.N. Walker

page 6
In Memoriam
Mrs. J.E. Jones . . . . . . Died December 7, 1938
Mrs. M.E. Chandler. . . Died April 23, 1939

Our Gardens
"The little worlds all set apart,
So loved by many a wistful heart,
Our gardens fair and green and still,
Where lovely flowers their sweetness spill.
So Sweet are they the soul forgets
All fear and longing and regrets;
For in these gardens worlds apart
The seeking one finds Peace O'Heart."

"Go make thy garden as far as thou cans't
 Thou workest never alone.

"Perchance he whose plot is next to thine
Will see it and mend his own."

page 7
Members for 1941
Mrs. J.O. Alexander        Mrs. H.E. Jones
Miss Ida Baxter               Mrs. R.E. Maiden
Mrs. O.W. Beard            Mrs. L.D. Maiden
Mrs. J.N. Brasfield          Mrs. Hobson Mayo
Mrs. W.D. Brasfield        Mrs. J.H. Moran
Mrs. H.O. Cashon          Mrs. Cayce Pentecost
Mrs. H.W. Davis            Mrs. Peter Porch
Mrs. R.E. Ellis                 Mrs. W.H. Pritchett
Mrs. R.A. Elkins             Mrs. J.E. Shannon
Mrs. S.L. Hastings          Mrs. H.A. Taylor (Maggie Fisher)
Mrs. Joe Hilliard             Mrs. A.G. Thomason
Mrs. M.D. Ingram          Mrs. J.W. Thomas
                       Mrs. King Webb
                       Miss Elsie Henderson
                       Mrs. John Smith

Miss Lettie Clement           Mrs. G.T. Mayo
Mrs. Fred Mayo                Mrs. J.B. Underwood
Mrs. Harold Watson          Mrs. Lyn Claybrook

page 8
Mrs. J.E. Shannon. . .1936, 1937, 1938
Mrs. H.O. Cashon. . .1939, 1940

Officers for 1941
President. . . . . . . . . . .Mrs. R.A. Ellis
1st Vice-President. . . .Mrs. R.E. Maiden
2nd Vice-President. . .Mrs A.G. Thomason
Secretary. . . . . . . . . . Mrs. L.D. Maiden
Treasure. . . . . . . . . . . Mrs. L.D. Maiden
Reporter. . . . . . . . . .  .Ms. A.G. thomason
Historian. . . . . . . .  . . .Miss Ida Baxter

Time of Meeting
Second Friday in Each Month

"Give fools their gold and knaves their power,
Let fortune's bubble rise and fall.
Who sows a field or trains a flower
Or plants a tree is more than all.
For God and man shall own his worth 
Who toils to leave as his bequest
An added beauty to the earth.

Page 9
Program and Year Book:
  Mrs. Joe Hilliard
  Mrs. J.W. Thomas
  Mrs. H.E. Jones
  Mrs. O.W. Beard

  Mrs. L.D. Maiden
  Mrs. J.E. Shannon
  Mrs. H.O. Cashon

  Miss Ida Baxter
  Mrs. J.N. Brasfield
  Mrs. M.D. Ingram

  Mrs. A.J. Thomason

  Mrs. H.O. Cashon
  Mrs. Hobson Mayo
  Mrs. H.W. Davis

  Mrs. R.A. Elkins
  Mrs. R.A. Taylor
  Mrs. King Webb

page 10
Flower Show:
  Mrs. H.E. Jones
  Mrs. R.E. Maiden
  Mrs. H.W. Pritchett
  Mrs. S.L. Hastings

City Beautiful:
  Mrs. J.H. Moran
  Mrs. J.O. Alexander
  Mrs. Peter Porch
  Mrs. Cayce Pentecost
  Mrs. W.D. Brasfield
  Mrs. J.N. Brasfield

Rules for the Flower Exhibit
Cut Flower exhibits shall be classified
into two groups:
I. Arrangement--Consisting of Same Kind of Flowers
or mixed varieties

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