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My Dear Brother Charlie...Apr, 1897

This letter was written in April, 1897, by 13 year old Marion Moran to her brother Charles Harrell Moran who was away in Nashville.  I can imagine her sense of loneliness at being in the huge Victorian that the Moran's called home.  J.W. Moran had it built for his wife Sophia but she died in 1895 before the house was completed.  Marion mentions the "old house" which was on the same lot and was being moved.  Fannie had gone to Union City and Teatot (Ida) was in Jackson TN.  Quite possibly, Jimmie, the eldest Moran child, was away at college in Virginia.  So the young Marion was left at home with her 57 year old father and a few servants.  

Dresden, Tenn
April 29, 1897

My Dear Brother Charlie,
Sister went to Union city this morning and to night I am here alone, no one here but Papa.  I am very lone-some, so lone-some that I thought I would write to you, although you never answer my letters.  Mr. Webb is going to put a water closet in the down-stairs bath-room to-morrow. Sister will come back to-morrow morning.  I don't

remember if I ever told you that little Jessie Gibbs has been sick for a long time.  Mr Gibbs is up but not well by a long means.  Shelah Paschal has a cycle and Annie Neal has ordered one, but I do not want one, but I do want a pretty little cart and harness.  Mr. Esman has commenced to move the old house.  I have planted me a little garden, and the things in it will soon be ready to eat. In a day or to I will have radishes to eat and I can say "These came out of my garden."  Mrs. McCutchen's son has been about to dye die but is getting better, so the paper said today. Give my love to Teatot when you see her, and keep some your self.  I will tell you good night.  I am your little "Sis"  


Marion Moran

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