Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The House Where Time Stood Still

We spent the better part of today in Moran Place rescuing items from the past to be preserved for the future.  I realize even more the daunting task before us of trying to preserve what we have, catalogue it, and share it with those who have an interest in West Tennessee history.

Stained Glass in the formal dining room.


  1. i have lived in Dresden my whole life and now live 3 houses from the Moran house and would love to learn more about it. thanks Hunter Dyer

    email or

  2. Hello Hunter,
    The Moran family has been in Weakley County since about 1823. The Victorian house is the "new" house and construction was begun on it in 1895 by J.W. Moran who was building it for his beloved wife, Sophia Riley Gunn. Unfortunately, Sophia became extremely ill in 1895 and construction of the new house slowed considerably. She passed away on Oct 7, 1895. Construction resumed many months later. The original home was eventually demolished.

    Thanks for dropping by the Moran family blog.

  3. i am saddened by the forthcoming estate sale. will the house be preserved?