Tuesday, May 22, 2012

History of Moran Cemetery, Dresden TN

If one goes by the remaining headstones in the Moran Cemetery it's very fitting that the two oldest graves belong to James Henderson Moran the first (1796-1843) and his wife Harriet Harris Moran (1813-1848).

But originally the land that became known as Moran Cemetery belonged to Benjamin Dabney Irvine, or B.D. to his friends.  B.D. Irvine was in the mercantile business in Dresden Tennessee and he married Agnes Moran, one of James H. Moran's daughters. 

The Irvine and Moran families were exceedingly close not just in proximity to each other but within the bonds of familial love. So it's not surprising that B.D. Irvine deeded the cemetery land to the heirs of James H. Moran Sr.

Another interesting note about the land.  There is a chain link fence and a concrete fence.    John W. Moran set aside part of the land for other families in the area who needed a place to be buried.  Those families are interred in the section surrounded by chain link and some of the surnames are:  DeRossett, Grubb, Insco, Dunn, McDaniel, Ooten and Radford.  The Moran's are buried in the section surrounded by the concrete fence.

B.D. Irvine to heirs of James H. Moran Sr.
Deed Book 18 Page 148.

And in consideration of the love and affection I have for the heirs of James H. Moran Sr. Deceased to wit, My wife, Agnes Irvine, formerly Agnes Moran, Martha H. Scott, wife of R.F. Scott formerly Martha H. Moran, and John W. Moran and their heirs forever have this day given and hereby convey in fee simple unto them a certain tract of land expressly for burial purposes situated in said county and State, 7th Civil Distrist and about one mile north east of Dresden known as The Moran burying ground and bordered as follows:

Beginning at the center of James H. Moran Sr.s grave runs thence North, East, South and West one hundred feet in each direction from the center of said grave.  I also give and convey to said heirs 15 ft. of land off the North side of the land owned by me to extend from the Dresden and Boydsville road to said burying ground in the line between me and E.J. Sanderfer as a passing to and from said graveyard and I warrant the title to said land to the heirs of said J.H. Moran Sr. and their heirs forever against the claims of all persons whatever.  Witness my hand and signature on the 17th day of May, 1894. 

B.D. Irvine

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