Friday, May 18, 2012

Martha Sharp Crawford aka Sunny Von Bulow

This is the kind of family connection that is fun and makes me laugh.  Kent is related to Sunny Von Bulow, she is the grand niece of the wife of the brother in law of his grand aunt.

Here's how:

Kent's father was Nathan Harrell Moran
Nathan's father was James Henderson Moran III
James' sister was Fannie Lemira Moran
Fannie married James Benjamin Ezzell
James was the half brother of Harrison "Harry" Ezzell
Harry married Annie P. Sharp
Annie's  sister  was Martha E. Sharp
Martha married George Washington Crawford
and their daughter was Martha Sharp"Sunny" Crawford.

Sunny married Prince Alfred Von Auersperg and had two children: Princess Annie-Laurie and Prince Alexander Georg.  She and Prince Alfred divorced.  Sunny married Claus Von Bulow in 1966. A year later their daughter Cosima was born. Sunny died under suspicious circumstances in 2008.

That's it in a nutshell.  I'll be writing more about this interesting family connection at a later date.

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