Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Major Samuel Sharp (CSA) and Family

Major Samuel Sharp
Today I'd like to present Major Samuel Sharp and his grand-daughter Ida May Sharp. He was the son of Henry Raiford Sharp and Mary Chambers. Major Sharp served in the Confederate States of America and was in the same unit as John W. Moran, the 31st Tennessee.  He was born in McNairy County Tennessee on February 20, 1838 and died in St. Louis Missouri on December 16, 1906 at the home of his daughter, Ida Lee Sanders..  His wife was Mary Jane Idotha "Dosh" Fulghum.  Samuel and Dosh had five children:  Ida Lee Sharp 1867-1945, William Raiford Sharp 1875-1878, Elmer Clinton Sharp 1877-1942, John Benjamin Sharp 1879-1912 and Thomas Jefferson Sharp 1881-1913.

His grand-daughter, Ida May Sharp, is the daughter of his son Elmer Clinton Sharp and Edna Browning Sykes.  Her step-mother was Louise L. Sharp.  According to information on Ida May was born September 3, 1905 and died May 23, 1996 in Jackson Mississippi. She married Leon White Burton.   The picture we have is signed and dated 1911, Corinth Mississippi.

There may be another connection between the Moran and Sharp families.  Samuel Sharp's son, John Benjamin Sharp had a son named Carl MORAN Sharp 1901-1984.  He in turn named his son Carl MORAN Sharp Jr. 1933-2004.  In the obituary below another son is listed as Kenneth MORAN Sharp but according to Sharp family sources Kenneth's middle name was Darwin, not Moran.

Sophia E. Ezzell and John Williamson Moran
about 1905
Are the Sharps related to the Moran's or did they give them the Moran name in honor of the friendship between Major Samual Sharp and Captain John W. Moran?   It seems most likely that the Sharp's used the Moran name because of the friendship and military connection of Samuel and J.W.  I am presuming that the reason we have Ida May Sharp's picture is because the two men both had grand-daughters about the same age and they probably exchanged pictures as proud grand-parents like to do!  J.W. Moran's grand-daughter was Sophia Eleanor Ezzell, 1898 - 1995.

Ida May Sharp

Here is the obituary for Carl Moran Sharp Jr:

CORINTH - Carl Moran Sharp, 71 died Friday, July 23, 2004, at his home.  He was born April 6, 1933, to Carl Moran Sharp Sr. and Maude Mahar Sharp.  He was a retired accountant for the Richards Medical Company.

Services will be at 2pm Wednesday at the Corinthian Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev Ralphp Culp officiating.  Burial will be in Henry Cemetery.

Additional services will be at 10 am Saturday in the chapel at White Station Church of Christ in Memphis.

Survivors incude a son, Jeffery Lynn Sharp of Memphis; a daughter, Laurie Anne Sharp of Pflugerville, Texas; two brothers, Billy Fred Sharp of Memphis and Joseph Franklin Sharp of Cleveland, Tenn.; six granchildren.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Anne Robinson Sharp; his parents; a son, Steve Sharp; and two brothers, James Logan Sharp and Kenneth Moran Sharp.


  1. Maj.Samuel Sharp was my paternal great grandmother's brother.His children and my paternal grandmother, Mary Fulghum were double first cousins. I believe it was Ida May Sharp who hired a professional genealogist to write a history of the Sharp, Chambers, Fulghum & related families. I don't know of any Morans in the family but John Benjamin Sharp's wife could have been related. Thank you for publishing this blog & making public all of the pictures, documents & information.
    Marilyn Rushing

  2. Thank you for the information. You wouldn't happen to know when John Sharp was born and died and his wife's name? Is he a son of Samuel Sharp?

  3. John Benjamin Sharp was Samuel's son, born Jan. 29, 1871 & died Oct. 12, 1917. His wife was Gabrella Hyneman b. Feb. 6, 1874 in Alcorn, MS & d. Oct. 29, 1958 in Corinth, MS. Her parents were Irving Washington Hymenman & Sarah Emmiline Henson. I don't see a family connection. I think they were such close friends that he was like an uncle to Samuel's children & his son named his son Moran. I have seen the name Ida mentioned in the Moran family. Could Samuel have named his daughter after the Moran Ida?

    My Fulghum great aunt was named Ida Ernest Fulghum. Originally, her name was just Ernest but Ida Lee Sharp was a teenage girl visiting the Fulghums. She was wearing gold earrings. Little Ernest wanted them. Ida told her if she would name herself Ida, she would give them to her, so she named herself Ida Ernest. Sadly, Ida Lee never gave her the earrings. The Fulghum family had a habit of naming the children unusual names & nicknames.

    I wish I was related to the Moran family but I don't think I am. I am working on the Fulghum/Sharp genealogy now after years of researching my husband's many lines.

  4. Thanks for the information Marilyn. I had been in contact with some Sharp descendents a while back and they had not ever heard of the Moran's and didn't know why Carl was named Carl Moran Sharp. Their thought was that IF there was a connection it was through the Fulghum side. I think the most plausible explanation is that Sam and John served in the Civil War together and were just very good friends. :)

  5. I think that is true. My dad & his cousin went to MS looking up their genealogy about 30 years ago. They ate lunch with an elderly couple, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Sharp. He obtained a lot of information that I need to go through again. I don't remember the name Moran in the information about the Fulghums or Sharps. Samuel Sharp & his wife & my great grandparents all married 2nd cousins so the family tree doesn't have many branches in some of the ancestral lines.:)

  6. Does the song I'm my Own Grandpa come to mind?? The Moran tree lacks a few branches as well. :)

  7. It does come to mind.:) It makes tracing the family history easier. Also there were two first cousins who married each other. Their granddaughter (the great grandmother of Laws) lost several babies & died young. I wonder if the intermarriage was a factor.

  8. Sam and Idotha Sharp were my great-great-grandparents. Their son, Elmer Clinton, married Louise Lyons. Their daughter, Margaret Louise, is my grandmother. Margaret's sister, Alice Elizabeth, was buried yesterday. At the graveside, I noticed Louise Lyons Sharpe's headstone - notice the "e" at the end. There has been an ongoing debate of where the "e" came from in my family. Do you know if any of the previous Sharps were Sharpes? Thanks. Charles Barbour.

  9. Hi there Charles, I wish I could help you out but the only reason we know about the Sharp family is because of the picture we have of Samuel Sharp. Perhaps another Sharp descendant will see this post and have an answer. Or at least a theory? :)


  10. I am Laurie Sharp, granddaughter and daughter to Carl Moran Sharp Sr and Jr. I just noticed the above obituary was incorrect. My brother Steve was actually Steven Moran Sharp and he also had a son, Steven Moran Sharp Jr. I'm afraid I do not know the origin of the name Moran in our family history. But, I do have one surviving uncle who may have that information. I will be happy to ask him.

    1. Hi Laurie,

      Over the past few years I've had other Sharp family contact me. We all seem to agree that the Moran name most likely comes into the Sharp family through the friendship connecting J.W. Moran and Samuel Sharp. If you find out more please let me know. More input is always a good thing!


  11. Ida Mae is my grandmother 😊