Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unknown Girl by Bingham of Memphis Tenn pre-1897

This is a beautiful picture of an unknown girl.  The photographer's mark is Bingham, Memphis Tennessee.  There seem to have been two Binghams in the Memphis Area.  Benjamin Bingham was the oldest photographer in Memphis when he died at the age of 63 in 1897 *Anthonys Photographic Bulletin no. 28 page 273.

There was also Brown H. Bingham who was in business with his uncle in the 1880's and then he opened his own shop in the late 1890's.  I'm thinking that Benjamin Bingham was Brown H. Bingham's Uncle and that Brown went into business for himself at the death of his uncle in 1897.

Of course I could be totally wrong!.  Either way this photograph of an unknown female relative was definitely taken in Memphis by someone named Bingham.

What I find interesting are her fingernails.  It looks to me as if they are painted and yet I don't know if finger nail paint was around at that time and if it was, would a well brought up young lady be wearing something so scandalous as fingerpaint?

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