Sunday, April 28, 2013

Young Love, Fannie Moran and George Brasfield

In a previous post I went into detail about George Moore Brasfield.  Who his parents were, who he married, his occupation, children, travel and where he died.  That post was prompted by a letter he had written to J.W. Moran in 1910 asking for a $5000 loan.  If you are interested in more information about George be sure to check out that blog entry!

Today's post is prompted by a school tablet belonging to Fannie Moran, dated about 1889.  At first I wondered what the FMB stood for on the front cover.

As I flipped through the pages I could see that Fannie was studying: grammer, latin, french, literature and poetry.  This page is about the character of Macbeth.

But then I found a few items that were definitely not school related and the mystery of the FMB became clear to me.  It wasn't FMB  it was FM  GB, Fannie Moran and George Brasfield.  Fannie had a crush on George Brasfield.  Whether or not it was reciprocated I cannot say but these tidbits of daily life are the things that make family research so much fun.

Moran & Brasfield, Atty's at Law.  Cases of Matrimony & love a specialty.

And the back cover:

Fannie Lemira Moran.  Geo M. Grasfield, ma chere.  Voulez-vous aller au Dresden Noel?  My dear, Do you want to go to Dresden for Christmas?

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